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The Way Of The Heart

Tina Thrussell

The Feel Good Lady creating feel good experiences, Woman Who Dances with Light facilitating safe and sacred space for growth and healing

is a well-loved international speaker and trainer who has inspired thousands of people to live more joyful, fulfilling lives.

L. Neil Thrussell

Speaker - Trainer - Author - Athlete

is an international speaker, trainer, as well as 3-time International Amazon Best Selling author of the A Warrior’s Heart book series. He illuminates purposeful, passionate living with his words… and actions.

Together, We (Tina and Neil) co-founded the Shin Dao Institute™ with the grand vision and intent that Everyone, Everywhere, feels Great about Who they are and What they are Doing with their Life. This vision stems from our personal journey which began with struggle, searching and longing… but evolved into authentically living with Purpose, Passion and Joy. We know how painful it can be to question who you are and what you’re doing with your life. It has taken us decades to cultivate our inner Strength and Wisdom, to Trust our Intuition, to enjoy a life of Ease. It has been a long road to living the Shin Dao – the Way of the Heart – but today we live with more Love and Joy than we ever thought possible… and we want YOU to live with more Love and Joy than you ever thought possible – without the years of struggle we faced! Our unique, sustainable Shin Dao System of Transformation™ was created from years of training and the school of hard knocks, pulling the best of everything we’ve experienced, to spare you the years of despair they faced. We want you to experience greater Ease and Grace on your journey to Loving Yourself and Your Life. We want you to Trust more, Love more and Know that you are Worthy of all the Good the Universe has to offer. We want you to Follow your Heart and live a Fulfilling, Luscious life! Join us on a Magical Journey to Confidently Play Bigger and Shine Brighter than you ever thought possible!

Stop longing… Start Living!

Start with our complimentary (yes, that means absolutely FREE!)  Video/Guidebook package to learn the 7 Secrets for Living a More Joyful, Fulfilling Life. Or take a mini-journey with us via our Dare to Dream e-course – a series of four emails that contain powerful exercises to awaken your passions and ignite your inner fire. Dare to Dream, and be motivated to live the Life of your Dreams! And if you’re ready to go all the way – to live The Way of the Heart – step into the five-step Way of the Heart path, the Shin Dao System of Transformation™ and become the bold Shin Daoist you long to be!

The Whole Story

They say we become healers when we need to heal ourselves and we teach what we most need to learn. These are apparent truths, at least when you look at the history of the Shin Dao Institute™. It all began with one woman’s search to find meaning in her life. Despite the outward appearance of a happy life, filled with all the material comforts anyone would want, she silently struggled with a deep feeling of unrest. She felt lost and confused about who she was, having given everything of herself to everyone around her. She felt there had to be more to life than she was living. After several years of living with intense discomfort, she finally decided to do something for herself and set out on a path of personal discovery and growth. After she’d been engaged in self-help reading and courses for a time, the Universe – upon observing her efforts to create change in her life – offered her assistance via an opportunity to accept the job of a lifetime. It turned out to be the nightmare of a lifetime. After a year of struggling with an extremely negative environment and an employer with an intense lack of integrity, she came home in tears one day, knowing that this ‘great job’ was sucking the life out of her. Her incredibly supportive husband simply looked at her and said, “So quit!” “But what will I do?” she wailed. “What do you want to do?” he asked her. “I have no idea!” she cried. “Here is your chance to take your life into your own hands.” He told her. “What do you love to do?” “I really love sharing information that helps people make informed decisions so they can make better choices for their life. I would love to teach.” There is a gift in every situation. The nightmare job turned out to be the turning point in this couple’s life. They chose to see this apparently ‘bad’ situation as an opportunity to make drastic change. With blind faith, a dream, and no real plans, she quit her job. Within three months of that day she came home in tears in 2003, Tina and L. Neil Thrussell registered their new company. Best U Can B Inc. began as a one hour seminar Tina created called “Believe in Yourself – You’re Awesome!” (At the time, Tina would deny she was teaching what she needed to learn. Today, she absolutely knows this is the truth!) The sense of purpose and fulfillment she’d been searching for was found! With each new group Tina presented to, she felt more confident and alive. Over the exciting months that passed, Neil was swept into the joy of sharing positive, life-enhancing messages with people. Together, they created more life-changing programs that they co-facilitated over the years. Additional facilitators were brought into the weekend intensives and retreats they began offering. Tina and Neil’s commitment to be the Best they could Be for their students kept them engaged in their own growth throughout these years. They engaged in courses, read more books, attended retreats, and volunteered at other facilitators’ programs. They embraced a Spiritual path, which led them down exciting side roads. Tina was unexpectedly launched onto a healer’s path through an encounter with Dr. Eric Pearle. (Here we see the truth in that old adage. Tina became a healing faciltator out of a dire need for self-healing.) An important turning point appeared. One day,  of the blue, the phrase “Shin Dao” – which literally translated from Japanese Kanji means “Heart Way” – came to Neil as a huge ‘Aha’ about his philosophy of life, Living the Way of the Heart.* In 2016, the year that marked Neil and Tina’s 31st wedding anniversary and the 13th anniversary of Best U Can B, everything fell into place to make another big change… and the Shin Dao Institute™ was born. (It is not a coincidence that both 31 and 13 individually add up to four.  The energy and vibration of four are about reviewing and prioritizing long range goals, creating structure, organization, practicality, stability, progress, discipline, system and order, dependability, conviction, passion and drive… all accurate descriptions of what took place for the Institute to be born, and of how lives will be changed through the Shin Dao.) Today, the Shin Dao Institute™ is an organic evolution of the original Best U Can B courses – and the best of what Tina and Neil have learned and experienced on their personal, professional and spiritual paths over the last two decades – into a unique system of sustainable transformation, enhanced with the vast knowledge and experience of their faculty. Our guarantee is that after completing our five step Shin Dao System of Transformation™, you will Confidently live a life of Purpose, Passion, Freedom and Joy, Follow your Heart, Live with Love, Nourish your Spirit and Master the Magic of Life!

Stop longing… Start Living!

* (This Shin Dao philosophy first appeared in Neil’s Amazon best-selling book series, “A Warrior’s Heart” and now forms the foundation for the Shin Dao Institute™. More details on our Philosophy page.)

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