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Archetypes were first made popular by famed psychoanalyst Carl Jung, Jungian Archetypes are defined as images and themes that derive from society’s collective unconscious. Even if you’ve never heard of Jungian Archetypes you’ve undoubtedly seen them before in your everyday life. A good example of a Jungian Archetype would be in the fictional character Luke Skywalker. Luke is the story’s underdog hero as he has to defeat a foe much greater than himself. As the hero in the story, Luke uses his grit, courage, empathy and intellect to hone his skills and gain the support of his allies. It’s through Luke’s constant battle against evil (Darkside) and his ability to charismatically lead others in his journey that makes Luke’s archetype that of a hero. Jung’s 12 Archetypes have universal meanings in varying cultures and are visible in storytelling throughout the world. From Disney to Coca-Cola, advertisers and storytellers alike use these archetypes in their narratives.