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What is Nia®?

  • an incredible stress-reliever
  • a great way to get in shape
  • suitable for all ages, fitness levels and body types
  • mind/body/spirit connection
  • a joyful form of self-expression and self-acceptance
  • FUN!!

See for yourself!

(video, The Art of Nia  created by Telus at one of Tina’s classes)

Nia incorporates whole body movement, dancing barefoot to unique, uplifting music.  Nia is a brilliant blend of the energies of 3 dance arts, 3 martial arts and 3 healing arts, that connects mind, body and spirit.  Based in the pleasure principle, Nia is all about experiencing the Joy of Movement.

While each Nia class is basically a one hour choreographed dance routine, there is plenty of room for improvisation and self-expression.  No previous dance experience is necessary.  Nia is about moving your body’s way, adjusting your movements to suit your body type, your fitness level and your age.  There is no competition, no ‘keeping up’ with anyone else, no making sure you get the steps ‘right’.  Your Nia experience is  unique to you.Tina-teaching-Nia-in-Costa-Rica

Tina has been teaching 3 to 7 Nia classes per week (with the exception of the summer months of July and August, which she usually spends camping instead of teaching!) since the fall of 2006.   Her students have varied in age from 7 years old to 83 years young!  Many of Tina’s students are very loyal to her, coming back session after session because they love her spiritual energy and the way she teaches.  She makes your Nia experience FUN!

Nia has been amazing for me! I love the combination of balancing masculine and feminine energies through dance and have found that I am able to use what I’ve learned in daily life. It has also gave me more awareness of myself which has helped me eat a natural diet so the fat is just melting off my body. I’ve gained confidence,  feel healthier and feel a greater sense of connection. Thank-you.”  – Linda Farrugia, Tina’s Nia student

Where can You experience Nia?

Tina’s Nia classes in Calgary.
Tuesday Mornings
10:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Session 1: Jan 14 – Feb 18, 2020  Session 2: Feb 25 – Mar 31
(registered students only) at Renfrew Pool 810 – 13 Ave NE
Phone: 403-268-3800 to register

Thursday Mornings
10:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Session 1: Jan 16 – Feb 20, 2020  Session 2: Feb 27 – Apr 2
(registered students only) at Renfrew Pool 810 – 13 Ave NE
Phone: 403-268-3800 to register

Tina also hosts Spirit Dance/Galya Journeys – a deliciously unique movement experience….

more details on Galya here

Feel free to come and try Nia® with Tina at any of the above locations.  Fees vary, as determined by the facility offering the class (prices range from $6.00 – $15.00 per class).

You may hire Tina to share the Joy of Movement with your group or organization.

You may also experience one-on-one training with her where you will learn the principles of Nia for self-healing and relaxation for your body, AND benefit from a mix of modalities, energy work, and sound relaxation therapy.  Call 403-285-5266 for details.

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