Shin Dao Process for Transformation™

The Way Of The Heart

The Shin Dao Promise:  After completing our Unique, 5-step Shin Dao Process for Transformation™, you will Love who You are, Follow your Heart, and Joyfully Shine your Light so you Play Bigger and Shine Brighter than you ever thought possible!

  • Step 1

    Get Clear

    Get clear about who you are and what matters to you by exploring your heart’s desires to experience direction and meaning in your life. (White Belt)

  • Step 2

    Develop your Mind and Body

    Conquer your fears and become Unstoppable by acquiring Tools, Techniques and Diligence to feel Freedom and Joy in your life. (Orange Belt)

  • Step 3

    Step Into Your Power

    Feel Confident in your choices by learning to Trust Yourself and your Intuition to avoid self-doubt and Self-sabotage. (Purple Belt)

  • Step 4

    ReGroup and ReFocus

    Feel a Confident sense of Alignment with your purpose by re-examining your Passions, Vision and Mission to experience the Amazing Future you deserve. (Red Belt)

  • Step 5

    Walk Your Talk

  • Develop Personal Mastery by embodying the teachings to Deepen your Experience of life, experiencing Freedom like you never Imagined. (Black Belt)

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