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Experience Meaningful, Inspirational conversations between Wise, Heart-based Spiritual Warriors / Shin Daoists about topics that really Matter!

on Facebook each Wednesday evening, 7:00 – 7:30pm Mtn Std time

  A Spiritual Warrior is one who embraces the more noble personal attributes and strengths associated with warriors in general – vigor, courage, power, confidence, accomplishment, integrity, chivalry, honor and integrity – and combines these traits with compassion, commitment, discipline and training to master one’s own ego, overcoming personal desire, moral issues, and all weaknesses of character, in order to be in service for the highest goodSee Food for Thought below.   A Shin Daoist is one who stands in service to their highest good with the characteristics of a Spiritual Warrior – strength, courage, honesty, integrity, humility, dedication and compassion – while walking the Path of the Shin Dao (the Way of the Heart). Walking the Path of the Shin Dao – filled with love, joy, passion and the playfulness of the Divine – entails: following the wisdom of one’s heart; taking focused action with the guidance of one’s conscious mind; and commitment to sharing one’s unique gifts with the world.  More on the Shin Dao philosophy here.   Spiritual Warriors’ Wisdom is a half hour live chat between people who embody the traits of Spiritual Warriors and/or Shin Daoists and embrace a journey of Self discovery / awakening in order to benefit others.  

Join us for an entertaining – and potentially enlightening! – half hour conversation between people who Walk their Talk…

Become the heart-based Shin Daoist you long to be!

(If you feel you qualify as a Spiritual Warrior /Shin Daoist in heart-felt service to the world, complete the speaker submission form at the top right of this page to join us on the show!) Like our facebook page here.     Food for Thought: If you are tempted to associate the term Spiritual Warrior with martial arts, please note that some martial arts traditions maintain a system of ethics and honor and pursue a path of self mastery. Others emphasize combat, competition and fighting.