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Love who you are and what you're doing with your life. 


Stop longing... Start Living!


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The Shin Dao Promise

Ensuring you feel like a confident Shin Daoist, passionately living the Way of the Heart, is our unwavering promise to you. Transforming painful questioning, self-doubt and longing into clarity, confidence and joyful freedom is at the heart of everything we do. The Shin Dao Promise is that you will Love who you are, Follow your heart, and Joyfully Shine your Light so you Play bigger and shine brighter than you ever thought possible. Specifically, we guarantee that after completing our unique, sustainable, 5-step Way of the Heart System of Transformation you will: Confidently live a life of Purpose, Passion, Freedom and Joy! Follow your Heart, Live with Love and Nourish your Spirit. Master the Magic of Life.

Stop Longing... Start Living!!

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This retreat was amazing! I opened my heart to all the love I was missing in my life. I leave feeling complete.”


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Truly, words can’t express how grateful, peaceful and wonderful my last week has been. You’ve helped open up my mind, body and spirit on so many levels. Thank you for that gift.


Most importantly, I have stopped restricting my life. I feel that I can set higher goals and I consider it possible for me to reach them.


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