Tina Thrussell


Tina spent the first 22 years of her working life in sales and customer service, until she woke up and began to follow her heart to create life-enhancing learning experiences for people who were looking for more out of life.

Tina’s warm, welcoming energy and contagious enthusiasm have made her a well-loved international speaker/facilitator, who has inspired thousands of people to live more joyful, fulfilling lives.

Her natural ability as a Spiritual Healer to create safe and sacred space paves your road to healing with gentleness.

L. Neil Thrussell


Neil has spent over 40 years as a “white collar” worker experiencing the highs and low of the working world. Through it all, Neil has remained a fun-loving, genuine soul who also happens to be an international speaker, trainer, personal/business coach, and four-time Amazon International Best-Selling Author of the “A Warrior’s Heart” book series.

In his full and rich life, he has also managed to run three half marathons and is currently training to complete his third full marathon in October of 2021.

How is all this possible? It’s simple. He lives the teaching and training of the Shin Dao!