The Best Days Start with Gratitude

Suddenly it hits me! It’s Tuesday morning and we don’t have an article for Heart and Mind Matters! What to write about? Ask and ye shall receive. I go to my desk to write something, and there is Divine intervention! A simple little 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ booklet – 5 sheets of paper folded…
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3 October 2023 0

Freedom through Consciousness

On Sunday, I landed on the word ‘free’ during a random flip through an old copy of the Daily Word, a booklet of positive daily affirmations produced for over 100 years by .  Reading the passage reprinted below brought forth an interesting trail of introspection…  and had me shaking my head at the irony…
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25 September 2023 0

Mindfulness makes a difference

I find myself in the place to be returning to the practice of mindfulness, having let it slide over the last few years (since the big world shut-down, to be exact). It’s funny how we forget to use the tools we have when we need them the most! I know I am not the only…
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20 September 2023 0

Tina’s Revelation: Connection and Expectations

Wow.  I hear Shrek saying, “Onions, donkey!” We are like onions, constantly peeling back layers. More layers of awareness, more layers of potential growth. On Sunday, an amazing coach (who happens to be the man I live with) invited me to close my eyes and imagine what it would feel like to connect with 100…
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18 September 2023 1
photo of person holding cup

Letters From Summer Camp

(In the spirit of the letters I had to write as a kid on the first day of summer camps I attended.) Dear Mom, We hope your summer has been as great as ours! Our summer adventures have been nothing short of extraordinary! We, Tina Thrussell and L. Neil Thrussell, embarked on a whirlwind of…
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11 September 2023 0

Harmonious Unity: Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Collaboration at the Nisga’a Nation NWTA

As I (Neil Thrussell) set out into the heart of the Nisga’a Nation which is located in the wild splendour of Northern British Columbia on a profound journey of transformation. The Inaugural Turtle Island ManKind Project (MKP) –NWTA (New Warrior Training Adventure) wasn’t just an event; it was a sacred passage of self-discovery and community…
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5 September 2023 0
photo of vintage stationery

Navigating Chaos with an Open Heart: How Are You Doing?

In a world that seems to whirl with an unending flurry of events, from macroscopic global issues to intimate personal struggles, one question often remains unasked: “How are you doing?” Beyond the surface-level interactions and the curated personas we present to the world lies a deep well of emotions, experiences, and vulnerabilities. It’s time to…
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29 August 2023 0

So Excited

I can’t contain my excitement any longer – I’ve just completed my latest fiction masterpiece, and I couldn’t wait to share the news with you all. Drumroll, please… Alchemy of the Heart: Shavon Sun Cloud is officially done! 🎉 This journey has been incredible. As I delved into the story of Devin Jones, a man…
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15 August 2023 0

The Power of “I AM”: Unlocking the Potential Within

Words hold immense power; they have the ability to shape our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Among them, two of the most potent words are “I AM.” When we use this phrase, we are making declarations about our identity and affirming our beliefs about ourselves. The simple act of saying “I AM” can pave the way…
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8 August 2023 0
close up shot of a gold medal on a black surface

Let go of being good at___

I saw a beautiful, powerful message last week and found myself wishing I would’ve seen the message when I was a teenager. It might have changed my life. I can’t tell you why until you read this message: Kurt Vonnegut wrote: “When I was 15, I spent a month working on an archaeological dig. I…
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25 July 2023 0