Peace Experience

Love Who You are and What You're Doing with your Life

Thank you for joining the Global Peace Experience!!

TODAY in the Northern Hemisphere at 1pm Pacific, 2pm Mtn, 3pm Central, 3pm Peru, 4pm Eastern, 5pm Argentina, 8pm UK
In the Southern Hemisphere at 7am in Australia, 9am in NZ

Four ways to participate:

  1. A walk in your own neighborhood – Getting Outdoors for a walk helps to boost your immune system, as well as improve your mental and emotional health. More details below

  2. Click here to watch the LIVE YouTube broadcast

  3. Enjoy the peace-inducing images, song, and messages posted below

  4. Spread the word and invite everyone you know – on a global scale – to participate!

Why Participate? 

To counter balance the chaos, anxiety and fear that is pervading our planet at this difficult time, we must bring calm into the world. We want to encourage peace, and increase love and compassion.

All these qualities reside in each and every one of us – when we remain and centered in the present moment, we can stem the automatic ‘fight or flight’ – anxiety and fear – response of our sympathetic nervous system.

Breathing slowly and deep into your belly is the the best, scientifically proven, way to calm your sympathetic nervous system so your parasympathetic system – your ‘rest and digest’ system – can operate more efficiently to keep you healthy.

We encourage you to focus on breathing in slowly through your nose, then exhaling slowly for the same length of time – or even longer – than your breath in.

Continue with this conscious breathing as you watch the beautiful images and listen to the soothing music of the videos below.

Feel your body settle down and your mind quieten as you slip into calm peacefulness.

Carry this feeling throughout your day, and throughout every day moving forward.

In this way, you will be contributing to World Peace… by focusing on maintaining your own Inner Peace.

Suggestions for your Walk in your Neighborhood:
If you are free of virus symptoms, and living in an area that permits access to the outdoors today walk in your own neighborhood at the designated time. 
You may choose to create and carry/wear a sign that says, ‘Peace is within you’ as you walk.
If you live in a culture that acknowledges the upraised two-finger symbol for peace, share this Peace Sign with everyone you see along your walk as a message of peace, love and compassion.
You may also choose to learn and sing the ‘Channel for Peace’ song as you walk. (See video below).

Peace Song

This will be the eighth year we sing the song that was ‘channeled’ to one of the organizers as an Anthem for our peace walk. We invite you to watch the
video to learn this song and sing it with us today, and every day you’d like to bring more peace into your world!

Enjoy these beautiful videos created by Brenda Forsey of http://simply-serendipity.ca Brenda is a photographer, musician, intuitive, and so much more! Watch and listen to these videos to slip into Inner Peace!

Background about the shift from Peace Walk to Peace Experience

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” 
For eight consecutive years the Annual Peace Walk in Calgary has brought Calgarians of all ages, backgrounds, and faiths together at the Peace Bridge on a Saturday at the end of March to take a walk in the name of peace; to take a stand for increasing awareness of the need for world peace.

In 2020, the co-organizers of the Annual Peace Walk had the opportunity to access one of the great gifts of covid19 – heightened Creativity – to create another, potentially further reaching way, to spread this message that peace is needed in our world, and peace begins within each and every one of us.

The 2020 Peace Walk has become a Peace Experience!  Now, instead of a group of 100 people gathering at the Peace Bridge at 2pm on March 28th, people all over the world are being invited to take a walk in their own neighborhoods at 2pm Mtn (if their current environment permits), while carrying a sense of inner peace in their hearts. 

Now, more than ever, the world needs awareness that peace on our planet begins with peace within each and every individual. Just as a pebble dropped into one spot in a pond creates ripples that spread out into the entire pond, every person who focuses on being peaceful during the one hour Peace Experience will also send a ripple of peace into the world.  Everyone, everywhere, participating in the Peace Experience will be contributing to a raised consciousness on our planet.

We are grateful that covid19 heightened our Creativity to create the shift from a local gathering of a 100 people at the Peace Bridge to people all over the world focusing on peace at the same time…  In this way, even bigger numbers of people will be focusing on peace at the same time to send an even bigger ripple of peace into the world!

Peace Walk Organizers

Each of the Persons and Organizations below have volunteered their resources to make these events happen. Please visit their websites to learn more about them.



Tina Thrussell

Heather Helig Bharadia

History of the Peace Walk

The first two years the walk was hosted by the Joy of Life Centre for Spiritual Living.  The following year, the Joy of Life Centre invited Spiritual Leaders from various communities to join forces and create the informal Calgary New Thought Alliance with the intent to raise consciousness and promote peace.  They chose to collaboratively host two successful events in Calgary, The Peace Concert and The Walk for Peace, in celebration of
The Gandhi King Season for Nonviolence (SNV).  The annual 64 day SNV season (co-founded in 1998 by Dr. Arun Gandhi and The Association for Global New Thought) is an educational, media and grassroots
awareness campaign that has seen participation in 67 countries around the world since its inception.  Spanning the period of January 30th to April 4th (the memorial anniversaries of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) the campaign focuses educational and media attention on the philosophy of attaining peace through nonviolent action. 2020 marks the 22nd Annual SNV.

In the fall of 2015, the walk became an event of its own, no longer affiliated with any particular group, expanding its scope beyond Spiritual leaders to include conscious Calgarians from all walks of life. The Calgary
Peace Walk has evolved into a free, family-friendly event that gives people the opportunity to feel they are making a positive difference in the world.



Participate 2019

Peace Rocks

You are invited to bring your own rocks written with inspirational words like “Peace” “Love” “Joy” “Oneness”, “Kindness”, or feel free to share the decorated rocks we will have on hand. We will gift these rocks to people we encounter along the route, and/or leave them in places where people walking downtown will see them and be moved by the message.

We invite you to watch the video below to learn the Peace Song to sing with us at the beginning of our walk.

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