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Letters From Summer Camp

(In the spirit of the letters I had to write as a kid on the first day of summer camps I attended.) Dear Mom, We hope your summer has been as great as ours! Our summer adventures have been nothing short of extraordinary! We, Tina Thrussell and L. Neil Thrussell, embarked on a whirlwind of…
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11 September 2023 0

Harmonious Unity: Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Collaboration at the Nisga’a Nation NWTA

As I (Neil Thrussell) set out into the heart of the Nisga’a Nation which is located in the wild splendour of Northern British Columbia on a profound journey of transformation. The Inaugural Turtle Island ManKind Project (MKP) –NWTA (New Warrior Training Adventure) wasn’t just an event; it was a sacred passage of self-discovery and community…
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5 September 2023 0
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Navigating Chaos with an Open Heart: How Are You Doing?

In a world that seems to whirl with an unending flurry of events, from macroscopic global issues to intimate personal struggles, one question often remains unasked: “How are you doing?” Beyond the surface-level interactions and the curated personas we present to the world lies a deep well of emotions, experiences, and vulnerabilities. It’s time to…
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29 August 2023 0

So Excited

I can’t contain my excitement any longer – I’ve just completed my latest fiction masterpiece, and I couldn’t wait to share the news with you all. Drumroll, please… Alchemy of the Heart: Shavon Sun Cloud is officially done! 🎉 This journey has been incredible. As I delved into the story of Devin Jones, a man…
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15 August 2023 0

The Power of “I AM”: Unlocking the Potential Within

Words hold immense power; they have the ability to shape our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Among them, two of the most potent words are “I AM.” When we use this phrase, we are making declarations about our identity and affirming our beliefs about ourselves. The simple act of saying “I AM” can pave the way…
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8 August 2023 0

Knowing Your Jungian Archetypes

The concept of 12 Jungian archetypes is based on the work of Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. These archetypes represent universal patterns or themes that are deeply rooted in the human psyche. Understanding your archetype can provide insights into your personality, motivations, and behaviour. Here are three key reasons why taking an archetype…
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11 July 2023 0
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The Power of Playing Hooky: Rejuvenating the Soul with a Solo Self-Care Day in Nature.

In our fast-paced and busy lives, finding time to nurture our souls and reconnect with our true selves is essential. Taking a day off from our routines and immersing ourselves in nature can be a transformative experience. Together we will explore the power of playing hooky and taking a solo self-care day in the woods,…
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4 July 2023 0
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Daydreaming – it’s Good for You!

Daydreaming, often seen as a passive and unproductive activity, has long been overlooked and underestimated. However, recent research suggests that daydreaming serves a purpose and offers a range of positive effects and benefits. Let’s explore the constructive aspects of daydreaming and shed light on how it can enhance creativity, problem-solving abilities, self-reflection, and overall well-being.…
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27 June 2023 0

The Importance of a Bucket List and Regularly Checking Off Items

Life is a remarkable journey filled with countless opportunities, experiences, and adventures. However, without purposeful direction, it can be easy to get lost in the chaos of everyday routines. This is where a bucket list comes into play, serving as a powerful tool to inspire, motivate, and guide you toward living a fulfilling and meaningful…
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20 June 2023 0
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Personal Growth in Today’s Changing World

In today’s rapidly evolving world of technological advancements, social transformations, and global uncertainties, self-development and self-reflection have become more important than ever. These practices offer you tools to navigate the dynamic world we live in and cope effectively with the changes unfolding around you. Self-development involves a conscious effort to enhance your knowledge, skills, and…
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5 June 2023 0