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Tina Thrussell and Friends- Facebook Live – Community

A Good morning in community! Are you experiencing supportive community today? Like us Shin Dao Institute Posted by Tina Thrussell on Friday, April 7, 2017   This was a bit of Friday morning fun in the Evolutionary Business Council community. Are you experiencing supportive community today? 

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Tina – Facebook Live – Do you feel On Purpose?

Do you feel on Purpose? Do you love your life? Please help me be on purpose… let me help YOU love YOUR life even more – please accept our complimentary copy of "7 Secrets for Living a more Joyful, Fulfilling life" at https://shindao.com/ – read the guidebook, watch the video and start following the steps…
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Tina – facebook live – What’s your path?

What's your path? Appreciation for the Spiritual Warriors' Conversation on Shin Dao Institute between Toni Hegge and Neil Thrussell. ( Visit shindao.com for more conversations, philosophy of the Way of the Heart, and tools to bring more peace, love, joy and fulfillment into your life. ) Posted by Tina Thrussell on Thursday, March 30, 2017

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Women are facing huge transitions today.

Many, if not most, women are facing huge transitions today – empty nesting (children leaving home), separation, divorce, career change. If you are experiencing any of these types of major changes in your life, you may be left feeling lost, distressed, overwhelmed and confused. Transitions like these can leave you longing to know who you…
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