Up Here in Canada

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Up Here in Canada

27 December 2021 Facebook Heart And Mind Matters Life Tina Thrussell 0

It’s great to be able to take a lighter view of life and laugh at yourself.

If you’ve ever lived in Canada, you’ll be able to relate to – and laugh at! – the video below.  If you’ve never lived in Canada, most of what’s sung about here is true… tho a few things are tongue-in-cheque (like, no one, not everyone, has a pet polar bear!)

The artist, Clark W., says, “This song is dedicated to the good people of Canada, and all the things that make us uniquely Canadian.”

Listen, read along, and enjoy!  

Happy New Year!

P.S. This song is a super catchy tune – the first time I heard it, I sang it all day long!  May you do so, too… with a smile on your face!

Clark W’s dedication to Canadians


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