Month: October 2023


brown rope tangled and formed into heart shape on brown wooden rail

When You Feel Like You Don’t Belong…

Introduction: In a world that often emphasizes fitting in and conforming to societal norms, feeling like you don’t belong can be a challenging and isolating experience. However, the path to self-acceptance is a personal journey that transcends external expectations. Drawing inspiration from the Shin Dao philosophy, we’ll explore three steps to help you embrace self-acceptance…
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31 October 2023 0

Inspiring 87 year-old Student

Many people commented on how much they enjoyed my blog last week, so I am adding to the theme of eldering with this beautiful, inspiring story I read last week. (Again, perfect Divine Timing!) Enjoy!! “The first day of school our professor introduced himself and challenged us to get to know someone we didn’t already…
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23 October 2023 0

Choosing a Vibrant Life

Tuesday night (last week) I did a writing exercise to release some unsupportive thinking that ended up with a beautiful affirmation about being robust and vibrant. The next morning I happened to grab “Choosing a Vibrant Life – Reclaim Your Power of Choice”, a brilliant book written by my friend, Cori Ellingson, off of my…
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16 October 2023 0

The Best Days Start with Gratitude

Suddenly it hits me! It’s Tuesday morning and we don’t have an article for Heart and Mind Matters! What to write about? Ask and ye shall receive. I go to my desk to write something, and there is Divine intervention! A simple little 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ booklet – 5 sheets of paper folded…
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3 October 2023 0