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Choosing a Vibrant Life

Tuesday night (last week) I did a writing exercise to release some unsupportive thinking that ended up with a beautiful affirmation about being robust and vibrant. The next morning I happened to grab “Choosing a Vibrant Life – Reclaim Your Power of Choice”, a brilliant book written by my friend, Cori Ellingson, off of my bookshelf! Talk about Divine timing and a boost from the Universe!

Our society says that aging means body break-down, loss of memory, eyesight, hearing, strength, health and vitality, and becoming a burden to those who are younger…    And since watching one of my ‘age defying’ role models slide into being ‘older’ and watching my 60th birthday slip by, I’d bought into the societal view, hook line and sinker. I was sliding down the hill of thinking “I’m getting old”, too.

Screw that! It is NOT all downhill from here.

Cori’s opening chapters were like a pep talk on changing my perspectives on aging. She acknowledges how easy it is to buy into societal beliefs because the messaging is everywhere.  But it doesn’t have to be that way! We can let go of those limiting beliefs and choose a new paradigm.

There are plenty of societies and cultures who celebrate and respect those that have more life experience and wisdom. Those who embrace the wisdom of their age become Elder, rather than older, and remain healthy, vibrant contributing members of society well into their 90s and beyond.

Somehow, I lost sight of the beauty of eldering that Cori emulates. She is vibrant, healthy, strong, lean, fit, with a great memory and wacky sense of humour and a zest for life. She loves herself and loves life!  And it’s all about choice.

Cori reminded me, I don’t have to get older… I choose to Elder.

Eldering, for me, means seeing myself differently. Releasing expectations of myself and surrendering into intentions for myself. Spending more time with me to get know the truth of who I really am. Showing up as ME, rather than the version of me that I think people are expecting to see…. i.e. being authentic (which I think I’ve been doing  a pretty good job of.)

Eldering means acknowledging that my energy levels may not be what they used to be… not any less, just different, more moderated. Not being over-the-top enthusiastic, but expressing as passionately, yet more calmly. Moving at a slower, wiser pace. Listening to my body. Honouring my inner authority. Acknowledging my wisdom and experience. Examining what beliefs I hold that have held me back and shifting them. Choosing to embrace laughter, joy, dancing, playfulness, activity, adventure… yet at that slower, wiser pace. Pausing to smell the roses and enjoy the detours, rather than worry so much about the destination. Perhaps achieving less but enjoying more. Loving myself more. Forgiving myself. Living unapologetically. Letting go of obsessing – about anything! – and trusting that the Universe is supporting me. Sharing life experiences with passion and pizzaz.

It had been years since I read Cori’s book, and I’d forgotten how much wisdom is packed into the pages. She encourages carefully choosing our attitudes and perspectives.

We can make the choice to look at life in a fresh, new way, refusing to allow previously held attitudes to have the power… We are born with the ability to heal our own bodies, bring peace to our families, communities and between nations. The power of our beliefs literally rearranges the molecules of our work to create our relationships, abundance, healing, peace, success and more, all linked through the inner power of belief….”

Besides her inspiring viewpoints, she shares practical ways to keep young in her book… breathing exercises, earthing, grounding, urine therapy, and more. She shares powerful emotional release techniques, too, since dealing with emotions in a healthy way is vital to being vibrant and not as talked about as the physical stuff we’re told to focus on, like getting plenty of sleep and eating well.

I look forward to embracing Cori’s Elder wisdom to step into my own… and if you’d like to consider gifting yourself with eldering, too, feel free to write to and arrange to have her mail you a copy of her book.

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