Month: November 2023


Good news everywhere!

Thoughts from Tina Thrussell It can be tempting to buy into all the stories of how bad the world is… but any time you hear a bad news story, remember there are just as many good news stories!  There are good people all over the world doing good things. Simple examples:  A neighbor out for…
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27 November 2023 0

To Be a Man

Heartfelt message from Tina Thrussell Neil sent me the YouTube video below earlier this month and halfway through watching/listening I started to cry. The lyrics broke my heart.  It is so incredibly sad to hear that men can feel this way… By the time the song was over I was really crying and feeling so…
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20 November 2023 0

Love in Action

thoughts from Tina Thrussell and Leo Buscaglia I closed my eyes and pulled a book off our bookshelf yesterday. It turned out to be Leo Buscaglia’s* book, “Born for Love”. I randomly flipped to page 214. The title read, “Love can only be understood in action.” I thought, “How different the world would be if…
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14 November 2023 0

Life is like a puzzle…

Reflections from Tina Thrussell Actually, life can be more like an open puzzle box dropped on the floor – with pieces scattered everywhere!  It can take awhile to put all the pieces together so that you can see the full picture… and sometimes missing pieces show up in the most unexpected ways. In this case,…
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6 November 2023 0