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It can be tempting to buy into all the stories of how bad the world is… but any time you hear a bad news story, remember there are just as many good news stories!  There are good people all over the world doing good things.

Simple examples:  A neighbor out for a walk picks up some garbage off the street to make the neighborhood look cleaner. Someone pays the bill for the person standing behind them in the coffee shop. A local artist paints the support beams of an overpass so they are attractive to look at. A police officer stops traffic to let a family of ducks cross the road. People donate their gently used items to not-for-profit organizations to keep stuff out of the landfill and give others the opportunity to make use of what they no longer need. Beautification artwork is painted on electrical boxes, fences, buildings.  Chalk hopscotches on the sidewalk give everyone an opportunity to revisit their youth.

People are making inspirational, music, and educational videos available for free access through YouTube and various social media platforms.  (Our own Shin Dao YouTube channel L. Neil & Tina Thrussell – YouTube  is just one of thousands of examples!) And then there are sweet little feel good videos like the Little Margo Story video below)

Youth are engaging in volunteer opportunities to make a positive difference in the communities that they live in. (I personally have had the great pleasure of meeting, on multiple occasions,  some of the amazing youth involved in Calgary’s Youth Central organization Empowering Calgary’s youth since 1992 | Youth Central )

Everywhere there is evidence of loving, kind, giving hearts…  It brings joy to my heart to think about this. Did you know there are even several good news websites?

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If you have a habit of listening the morning or evening news, it may be beneficial to develop a counterbalancing habit of paying attention to some good news, too. 😊

We’d love to hear your good news stories. Write to us at  and/or share the videos you love with us.    May you see good news today!

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