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Envisioning your 2024

January is the perfect time to set resolutions / goals/ intentions for the New Year. Having an idea of where you want to be at the end of this year (physically, emotionally, mentally and /or spiritually) will make you far more likely to get there!

A watercraft without a specific destination and a captain to guide its journey will drift aimlessly on the ocean and potentially never hit land!

Since YOU are the captain of the ship you call your life, it makes sense to get some degree of clarity about where you’d like to go so you can at least make headway to getting there!

And this period of time is particularly powerful to get clear about what really matters to you now, and what you want for this year.

According to both astrologists and numerologists, New Moons always signal fresh starts and new goals. The new moon on January 11th created an opening of energies particularly conducive to manifestation. This is the time to take steps towards making your dreams come true!

A Vision Board is just one step you can take. This visual representation of what you’d like to see become a reality in your life is widely accepted as a powerful manifestation tool.

The science behind vision boards is that they tap into a cognitive process known as value-tagging, which is related to selective attention.

In other words, Vision Boards let you visualize your success. By regularly looking at your vision board, you immerse yourself in a visual representation of what you want or hope to achieve. This helps create a positive and powerful image in your mind, making it easier to believe in your ability to achieve your goals.

This extra-powerful manifestation period from Jan 11th to Jan 25th (when the full moon rises) seems like the perfect time to pull our on-line Vision Board workshop out of the vault and make it available to you!

Click this link to find out more about our self-guided on-line workshop. The BONUS of this workshop is that it includes a guided meditation to set you in the right heart space for envisioning your year head. TThe course also includes a playlist of music to keep you in the mood, and tutorials for a super easy-to-use graphic design program that can help you create an AMAZING vision board with ease.

Whether you create a vision board the good old-fashioned way and run to the store, buy some Bristol board, dig out some magazines, cut and paste pictures on your board, or you sit at your desk and do the easy on-line version through our workshop….Have fun with the process! 

We’d love it if you send us pictures of your Vision Board – email

P.S.  Shin Dao Pillar #4 – Uplift your Spirit by envisioning unlimited possibilities for your year ahead. Dream as if anything is possible and create your Vision Board from that place of possibility…

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