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My First. . . Possibly My Last Marathon

On May 21st, 2017 I will be running in my first and quite possibly my last.  I am running in May to test my personal endurance.  To push myself, mentally and physically.  If and only if I enjoy the running the distance of 42.2 km’s may I do another one.  If I don’t enjoy the distance. I am okay with just completing one!

The one I selected to do, when I started researching marathons.  Note to all there was no shortage of running events.  I chose to do a local event and I decided to do one that my running coach Scott McDermott would actually able to attend.  I choose to run in Red Deer, Alberta as Scott’s gym is located in Sylvan Lake.

As with most races and this particular event is no different than the rest.  They require a tremendous amount of volunteers to make the run happen.  So if you would like to watch me run and help out at the same time. Consider signing up as a volunteer. There are a variety of job / tasks that need to be done!  There is probably even one that would suit your interests.


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