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Becoming Like Buddha

I notice I am becoming more zen-like. And with the lack of exercise over the last few months, I am also becoming way more like the rolly polly buddha you see frequently!

I think it is great that I am becoming more cam and less triggered by the world around me, but not so great that I am getting rounder!

The freakish snowstorm in Calgary on Tuesday, April 19th didn’t me out either. I was planning on riding my NEW to me bike to the office on Wednesday. Well that didn’t happen. Instead, I got an awesome upper body workout, shovelling snow! Lots of snow!

Kona Bike
Kona Bowensian (Not my actual bike)

So, in spite of not being able to get in the exercise I was hoping to get in, I did get in some exercise! Yay! Neil for the win!

Do you notice how life can be like that sometimes? You make plans for something and then something happens and all of sudden plans change.

My question to you is, “How adaptable are you?” Are you able to go with the flow, bend to the prevailing winds? Or are you more like, “Nope, this is what I planned on and DAMN IT, this is what is going to happen!!! No matter what!”

I was a lot like, “This is the plan and we will stick with it no matter what!” Especially, if I gave my word or said, “I will be there at a specific time.” I would move mountains to be there and be there at least fifteen minutes early as a minimum. I was, and still am, a highly accountable person . My word is my bond. It is my law!

That being said, I am now more fluid when I set goals. As an example, a couple years back Tina and I did a driving holiday in Saskatchewan. We had two weeks and only planned two destinations for the entire trip. The rest of the trip was free wheeling. We woke up in the morning and decided on a destination over breakfast. One time we posted where we were on facebook and friends who we had not seen in a very long time posted they were nearby so we went and saw them. Previously, I (we) would have planned everything out in detail.

How are you? Do you plan everything out in detail or are you a fly by the seat of your pants kind of person?

Another beautiful example of making plans and then being flexible in the final outcome was when I wrote the the first book in the “A Warrior’s Heart” trilogy. The story and plot line had come to me over a reoccurring dream that I had over many months. When I decided to make the dream into a book, like all good authors, I wrote out a story timeline, with what was going to happen when.

As I began writing, what I thought was going to be one book became rather apparent that this was actually going to be a trilogy. What I thought was the main storyline didn’t even occur until well into the third book! I sure had to be flexible with my planned plot and storyline.

Maybe the lesson I learned while taking the passion test facilitation course helped me to become more flexible. I learned to always add to the end of my goals the phrase, “This or something better!”

An example goal that I set was, “I want to spend two weeks writing in a hut that is relatively remote, and located on the ocean. This hut must have cooking and showering facilities, as well as groceries and great restaurants in walking proximity. I am also open to something better showing up for me as well.”

Neil writing in Costa Rica on a beach that served FREE Coffee. Can it get any better?

What we ended up with was a small cabin with all that I asked for, located just off the ocean in Costa Rica that was also in walking distance to the little shelter with wifi – and free coffee! – pictured above!

Just imagine what might show up for you if you set some goals, add “this or something better” and are willing to be flexible!

.Just a quick update on Tina as well. She is getting better. She is recovering nicely, but not nearly as fast as she would like. Rest assured she is on the mend!

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