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Is it December already!?!

I say this every year, “How did it get to be Dec 1st already!?!?” As I was reflecting on this question this morning, the idea came to me that each day becomes a smaller and smaller percentage of our life with each passing day…. no wonder each day feels shorter and goes by so quickly!

Have you ever noticed, though, that now and then you get these exquisite days that seem to last forever? I’ve had those days and I suspect, although I can’t say for sure – I will have to pay attention in the future to see if this proves me correct – that on those days I have been very present to the moment, being right here, right now. On those days that seem to be delightfully long, I am truly enjoying every minute and tasting the deliciousness of life.

I am setting the intention, right here and now, to experience more of these wonderfully longer days.

You with me?  Let me know how it goes. You can book a time to chat with me on my new booking calendar (thank you, Neil, for setting that up!) on my new website

In the booking form, click on the category “Connection” and then choose “Discovery/Follow Up” and that will bring you to my calendar to book a time we can chat without having to pay for a session. (it automatically books a zoom session, so we can see each other!”)

I’d love to hear your thoughts about the apparent quickening passage of time. Is there anything you think You can do to slow time for you? 

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