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Ever experienced a Finger Labyrinth?

There are two items that we forgot to include in yesterday’s issue of Heart and Mind Matters, so we are sending this special message out… hope you don’t mind!

One is that TONIGHT you can experience the chartres labyrinth in the Adirondack Mountains in New York State (that Tina is going to walk several times at the ‘Returning Home to You Through the Labyrinth’ Retreat facilitated by the labyrinth designer, Tony Christie, and the retreat owner, Christine Powers) at the end of July.

This F.REE zoom experience of ‘walking’ the labyrinth tonight at 7pm EST (5pm Mtn) involves tracing the labyrinth with your finger…. a surprisingly calming way to experience inner peace! Tina has experienced this ‘virtual’ finger labyrinth with Tony and Christine twice in the last two months and she suggests it’s a fabulous way to destress and enjoy community for 1 1/4 hours.

You can Register Here

The second item is that there is a Spiritual Cinema Matinee hosted by Unity of Calgary this Sunday in SE Calgary that you might like to take in. The movie-style documentary is called “Finding Happiness” and follows a reluctant journalist’s journey to a real-life intentional community in the USA where she discovers that when You change, your whole world changes.

Movie admission is by love offering (cash only) at the door at

Willow Ridge Community at 680 Acadia Drive SE.

1:00pm. There is an opportunity to share your experience of the movie in an open discussion circle following the film showing. This is a fun and interesting experience in itself!

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