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Open to the Flow

I believe I have shared with you before that I am reading Eric Butterworth’s book, “In the Flow of Life”.  The basic premise of the book is that there is a Universal Life Force Energy (the flow of life) and our thoughts either place us in the flow of life or frustrate/block the flow of life.

When I read this passage in the chapter about getting along with others, an idea came to me:

“Try an experiment for a moment. Hold out your hands. Clench your fists tightly. This is a two-fisted symbol of frustration and force. Can’t you feel your whole being reflecting a defensiveness, even a readiness to fight? If you should go forth in this consciousness, the chances are good that you would need to fight. When the fists are clenched, the mind is tense, and thoughts of anger, defensiveness, and fear surge into your consciousness. Approach people with fists clenched and watch them clench their own.

Now open your hands and let them fall to your side or comfortably in your lap. Watch your tensions leave, and your whole body relax.  Notice how your whole mentality seems to open up and your resistance dissolves. The open hand can hold no weapon. It is a symbol of goodwill and peace. The open hand can pat someone on the back, life someone up, grasp hands in a common cause… and type a letter, paint a picture, plant a garden, and turn the pages of a book.

Closed hands hold on possessively to both people and situations – open hands let them go. Open hands symbolize a readiness to accept the flow. Hold your hands out in a posture of readiness: palms up, sides of hands together, forming a cup or receptacle… a gesture of readiness to receive the fullness of the flow of life.”

My idea was that every time I notice myself get frustrated – or experience any emotion that is less than life-enhancing – I could simply stop, hold my hands out in this posture, breathe deeply, and affirm, “I am open to the flow of life.” Then it feels right to spread my arms wide (opening our arms wide helps to open our heart) and say, “I feel the peace and ease of love flowing through me now.

I’m going to try this over the next few days. I believe the physical action will help to reinforce the words and settle into the flow more quickly and easily.

Would you like to try this little trick to help you restore your flow?  Let’s check in with each other… write to me at info@shindao.com  or call/text me at 1-403-860-7311 and let me know how it goes for you.

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