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We were tickled pink when one of our readers, Mandy, responded quickly to the article we published last week in ‘Heart and Mind Matters’ about Music and Love.

Mandy wrote,

“Hi Tina! What a beautiful send out!  Love and music have always brought peace to our souls.  From Dr. Suess, who showed the Grinch the power that song has as the Whos of Whoville held hands and sang despite all their gifts having been stolen – which opens the heart of the Grinch – along with the thoughtful and sweet Cindy Loo Who. To the Unity of family and love in The Sound of Music, with Dr. Zhivago and his mandolin.  Or how, when crouched in fear in a bomb shelter, a man plays his accordion and brings some calmness to the madness of war.  Straight thru to the first dance of a couple in love on their wedding day, bringing strangers of two families together in sheer joy. Or hearing the melodious sounds of carolers singing outside your door, drawing you into the spirit which is Christmas. 

The songs our heart sings when we look at our sleeping children or significant other. The instantaneous sound of a cat purring as you pet them – their eyes closed and little bodies vibrating with love with each stroke you make down their luxurious fur.  Or the smiles that you yourself bring to so many people who you share your thoughts and stories with. Or when you just break out in dance and song because you are so at peace and can’t hold back your joy, enthusiasm and love you seem to have so much of to share!  

Thank you for your weekly newsletter!  You have an insightfulness into the most important things in this life that people forget in the rush and stress of today’s demands.  

As I bring my rather winded email to a close, I am singing The Christmas  Song by Johnny Mathis, (chestnuts roasting on an open fire).

I send you both and your families the very best of the holidays and hope you are surrounded with all the love that family offers (even the fights amongst siblings, which we all grumble about, but always leave the table having forgiven for, but not forgotten!) the offerings of goodies made with love and us in mind.  Be safe in any travels you make and please share my hugs to you with your mom.  

Merry Christmas Tina and Neil!!!”

When people write to us with responses like these, it warms our hearts and  gives us the strength and impetus to persevere through the – at times – effort of producing a weekly e-zine for you to enjoy!

Please, invite your friends to subscribe by sending them to our website (currently, the place to add name and email address reads, “Send me the Shin Dao Solution”).

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