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All hands on Deck! Prepare To Hoist The Main Sail!

Neil was gifted with an epiphany about the Shin Dao almost eight years ago.

This epiphany has been an incredibly positive experience… and a curse at the same time! Why do we say that? Because Neil was gifted with this huge, heartfelt understanding of the Shin Dao, but Neil (and Tina) had to grow into the gift they were given. They had to grow into it both individually and as a couple.

Throughout the last eight years, either Neil was ready and Tina wasn’t, or Tina was ready and Neil wasn’t. We both had to grow and evolve into the people we are now!

We have had a couple false starts launching the Shin Dao System of Transformation™… mostly because we got in our own way. We broke our own rules of transformation and got stuck in trying to figure out the HOW.

We didn’t allow for the miracle of the Universe/God (or whatever name you use to describe the Creator/Source of All) to provide us with the opportunity to be gifted with the HOW! We spent time trying to figure out the how and then got frustrated when we couldn’t figure out the how. We would completely forget that our WHY was the most important question. The ‘why’ was the only answer we both needed to come up with.

Once we both had our WHY, our job was – and still is – to trust and simply take whatever steps we know to do to fulfill our WHY; it’s our job to trust that the Universe/God will provide insights (Hints) along the way.

In the upcoming months look for lots and lots of GREAT things to be coming your way as we move to help you.

  • In the New Year watch for the launch of the Shin Dao System of Transformation™. This is going to blow your mind!
  • We are also looking to launch our very own Shin Dao System of Transformation™ app, first for the android phone and then for the Apple product user.

This has been a long time in coming, but hold on to your top hat as we are gearing up for full speed ahead. In the coming days, months and years we are going to share with you the massive and powerful benefits of the Shin Dao System of Transformation™ and truly set your life on FIRE!!!

L. Neil Thrussell

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