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Letting Go of Busy-ness

Nov 23, 2021 edition of “Heart and Mind Matters”

It seems everyone is so busy these days. There is way too much to do in a day (and the days go by so much more quickly with each passing year!)

It’s easy to get wound up in the go, go, go, hectic pace… and getting wound up ultimately takes its toll on our health and our relationships.

This is why it’s critically important to regularly let go of all the busy-ness, to make the time to do less, to allow yourself to regroup and regenerate.

Our recent trip to PEI was a refreshing letting go of our busy-ness that really did help us rejuvenate. (Did you see the nature photos from our PEI trip in our Nov 9th edition of “Heart and Mind Matters”? You can view the photos on our blog here. We also published additional photos of some of the man-made beauty on PEI on our blog: )

Just a few short weeks after our PEI trip, we once again followed the advice of the second Shin Dao Tenet, “Let Go of Your Busy-ness” to take another break from our usual routines. This time we headed off to an AirBnB near Priddis; a lovely little log cabin in the country. Our intent was to carve out some writing time for a few days, and get out and enjoy nature in between writing sessions. We maximized our writing time by packing food that I had prepared in advance, so that we simply had to reheat and eat.

This time away from our usual day-to-day life gave us the opportunity to dedicate time to Neil’s story-writing (he is working on three separate novels at the same time!) and to creating “The Shin Dao Solution” – a powerful document filled with the concepts behind the Shin Dao philosophy that will serve as a resource manual of life-enhancing information and exercises.

We’ll be able to send you a copy of this document much sooner than we might otherwise have been able to, because we took the time to let go of our busy-ness to focus on what is most important right now.

What is most important to you at this point in time? What do you need to let go of (even temporarily) to make time for whatever is most important for you to focus on at this point in your life?

We’d love to hear what you want from life and what you’ll do to make time for creating what you want. You can call us at 403-285-5266 or write to us at

Create a wonderful week!

P.S. Visit to obtain your copy of “The Shin Dao Solution” and start enhancing the quality of your life!


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