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Ceremony, Ritual & Joy

This Sunday night I attended Unity of Calgary’s annual Metaphysical Christmas Candle Lighting Ceremony. (Poor Neil, who looks forward to this beautiful evening as much as I do every year, was at home in bed recovering from a rough allergy attack!)

I was awed as I stepped into the comfortably dim room, lit purely with little Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling, around the wall tapestries, and lining the tables. The lovely decorations set the mood for a fully sensory experience.

I was, as always, moved the beauty of the live music and the candle lighting ceremony. There was such an air of sacredness and celebration about the whole experience.

I was also reminded of how powerful ceremony and ritual can be for centering and grounding, especially when performed in a group. I couldn’t help but be fully present to the experience I was immersed in. There is also a sense of Unity and Oneness I experience through ceremony and ritual (as do many people) that brings an inner peace, a feeling of, “ah” that makes us smile from the inside out.

It is these positively impactful affects that ritual and ceremony can have upon people that motivate Neil and I to incorporate at least a little bit of ceremony and ritual into our Shin Dao System of Transformation. We find these moments offer a way of celebrating the little joys in life (one of the 12 Shin Dao tenets).

We invite you to become more fully aware and present to the rituals and ceremonies of this holiday season that may bring some centering, grounded-ness, peace and joy into your life.

Then please share your experiences with us! We’d love to share more ways to Celebrate Life’s Little Joys with our readers.  You can call us at 403-285-5266 (toll free outside of Alberta at 1-844-807-3925) or write to us at 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Holidays.

In love and light,


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