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by Tina Thrussell

A friend was kind enough to share a link for short-term access to the fascinating and informative documentary film called Thrive II: This is What it Takes. This movie comes along nine years after the first film, Thrive: What on Earth Will it Take?, which was created to wake people up about what’s going on our planet (with respect to the ravishing of our planet) and the possibilities for alternative energy sources.

I remember being both excited and frustrated by the first Thrive movie. I was excited by the new technologies that were being explored, and at the same time infuriated that these more environmentally-friendly forms of providing energy were not being supported by governments around the world. As someone who cares very much for this big, beautiful planet that we live on, and who believes that the secret to humanity’s thriving lies in living in harmony with the Earth, I feel we owe it to ourselves and the planet to explore more sustainable means of supporting our lives.

I hadn’t even gotten halfway through watching the nearly 2 ½ hour long second movie when I said to Neil, “I want to share this with our readers!”  And he simply asked, “Why?” It was a good question, fully in alignment with the article Neil published last Tuesday about staying focused on our Why. As Shin Dao Masters, we consciously want to be aware of our motivations for doing what we do.

I asked myself two questions. First, “Is it my ego that wants me to share this movie?” i.e. If I share this, people will like me for being so nice and sharing this link to watch the movie for free. (As another example of ego motivation, the same day I was doing this questioning, I had been on an Evolutionary Business Council zoom connection call, and two of the women there shared stories of how they’d had their stories published in anthologies that they would never ever share, because the projects hadn’t turned out anything at all like they had expected. One of the women said, “I have to ask myself what my reason was for participating in this anthology that obviously wasn’t a good fit for me. Was it my need to not miss out on opportunities?”)

The second question I asked myself was, “Or am I sharing this from a more conscious, heart-based place?”  I decided my why is the latter, for two reasons:

1. I really believe that if humankind is going to survive on this planet, we must change how we live. We must become aware, conscious and utilize critical thinking to make more informed choices to bring harmony between ourselves and our environment. This film certainly offers information and perspectives that can wake people up to live more consciously.

2. Watching the creators of this film in action, I would call Foster and Kimberly Shin Daoists, even though they’ve probably never heard the term before. Their observance of the four pillars and a number of the tenets of the Shin Dao indicate how conscious and heart-based this couple is.  The challenges they faced – and overcame – creating both these films earn them the title of Spiritual Warrior, in my opinion, for they went to great lengths to stand up for what they knew in their hearts to be right. How could I not be supportive of fellow Shin Daoists?

This newly released Thrive film examines the Unified Field and its relationship to Mathematics and Sacred Geometry, Health and Wellness, Consciousness, and Technology.

I loved the opening explanation of what energy is and how science has evolved in its discoveries and approaches to the concept of how the world works. It is very educational and mind expanding.

I also really love the way the film explores healing. Foster and Kimberly personally explored a broad variety of methods to support our body’s natural ability to heal. As a Sound Wellness Practitioner, I particularly loved the section that covered the impact of sound and music on the human mind and body.

In one section of the movie, we follow the couple’s roller coaster journey into Zimbabwe, Africa to vet an inventor’s energy-generating machine. Foster’s determination and faith to hang in there and test this machine, despite all obstacles, is inspirational to me.

The final hour of the film continues the examination that Foster and Kimberly began in the first movie, of the question, “Why?”  Why are energy inventors with ways of providing free energy for the public, and medical doctors who provide innovative treatments that don’t just soothe symptoms, but actually cure people’s conditions, being suppressed?

In closing, I invite you to watch this film with an open mind… and then share your thoughts about it all with me!

Write to me at  or call me to chat about what this film brought up for you. We’re at 403-285-5266 in the Mountain Standard time zone. We always welcome any chance to chat with you!

Here’s the link to the full 2+ hour film:

I trust you’ll enjoy this film… and if you do, I’d love to hear about your experience with it. 

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