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Tina – video message – Dial 811 for Medical Assistance in Alberta

Alberta Health Link offers 24 hour medical advice for non-emergency situations. Dial 811 for assistance…but make sure you offer them ALL background information.

I phoned in the middle of the night because a really severe muscle twitch in my leg woke me and wouldn’t go away. It wasn’t a muscle cramp – I’ve experienced those before and taking magnesium at bedtime helps to alleviate that. No, this was an actual twitch that looked like an alien jumping around under the flesh of my thigh.

The nice nurse at Alberta Health Link had nothing to offer me other than assurances that there are no red flags on my symptoms… I should just be prepared for a sleepless night.

However, the next day, after talking to another nurse – who happened to know my recent background – I was given a simple solution. I had forgotten to tell the Health Link nurse that I had recently had a bladder infection and was consequently drinking copious amounts of water…

Turns out the problem of the twitching muscle (not to be confused with leg cramps) was a sodium imbalance.  Solution provided by a nurse armed with the info about my increased water intake was to reduce water intake for a couple of days and increase Himalayan Salt intake to re-balance sodium levels.

Worked like a charm! 

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