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The injustice must stop! (No, this is NOT a political post)

Have you spent a lot of your life wondering what you’re here for? (I can relate!) Have you ever longed to know your purpose? (Here again, I can relate!)

I’m trusting that the personal experience I’m sharing here will be relatable to you… and in the end, support you.

While reflecting last week, I saw an old pattern. When people told me that I’m really good at __________ (fill in the blank), I poo-pooed what they were saying.  Over time, I evolved. Instead of poo-pooing, I learned to graciously thank them. I accepted their compliment on the surface, yet I didn’t really take in what they were saying.  (Can you relate to any of this?)

If I (or you) dared to believe the truth of what they were saying, we’d see that these weren’t just ‘kind words’ that people were saying. These were genuine, heartfelt messages being shared.


When I asked Jen what brought her to me for a Shin Dao session, she said, “You bring to the world a pool of positivity and compassion that I want to jump into!”

Wendy told me after one of the Women’s Circles I hosted, “You create such a safe and sacred space for people!”

Patricia, a student in my Nia classes who had seen me for Shin Dao sessions, too, said after one of her ISGI Readings with me, “You help people in SO many ways!  You’re like an amazing library of information and resources that people can tap into, and you share it so well!”

Carmen shared, “You have such a huge heart and an incredible amount of love to give to the world!”

Further reflecting revealed that these messages were gentle nudges from the Universe that came at times when I was in doubt about my worth.

(As an aside, not every compliment offered is a nudge from the Universe, but when there is a theme in the compliments, it’s got to be guidance worth listening to. I encourage you to find a theme(s) in the compliments you receive and discover your nudges from the Universe.)

The compliments were like breadcrumbs leading me to my purpose. If I had been paying attention to the theme of these shares, and listened to my inner wisdom, I wouldn’t have spent so much time searching for what I’m here to do. I would have seen that my purpose is about who I am here to be.

Such irony! I am here to be the Light, Love, and Joy that I AM. My longing to know my purpose stole my joy. The searching interfered with fulfilling my purpose to BE love and unconditionally expand my love and joy to foster kindness and compassion in the world.

What about you?  What are you here to do? Or here to be?

There is an injustice in me, You, or Anyone withholding what we have to offer to the world. Who we are, the gifts and talents we were given, are meant to be shared.

The injustice must stop! 

Yes, I went through a lot over the last three years (the whole chaotic world situation negatively impacted nearly everyone in some way. I’m sure it affected you, too to some degree). I had fallen into a dark pit of despair that caused me to withhold myself… But I have pulled myself out of that pit. It’s time to share what I have with the world with greater authenticity than ever before. My reflections have prompted me to boldly step up. 

I vow to share what I have to offer without hesitation, apology, shame, or doubt. The low vibrational thoughts/feelings I had about ignoring the messages from the Universe, questioning my worth, the value of my gifts, and seeing my true purpose, all interfere with my effectiveness as a healer and a leader. I will let nothing get in the way of giving the best I have to give to you and to the world.

As Marianne Williamson said, “Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking… We are all meant to shine…”

I intend to shine brighter than ever before…. and I want you to shine brighter than ever before, too.  

I have been blessed with beautiful gifts and talents (like strong intuition, an ability to receive and transmit energy, information, and resources, to create sacred space for people, to bring gentleness to the path of healing) that can support people on a spiritual path (like you) to overcome the challenges of they face and

  • expand into a fuller version of yourself
  • be in less pain
  •  feel lighter
  •  have more clarity
  •  be healthier
  •  be more joyful
  •  Shine and bring your gifts to the world

To propel my intention to share my gifts, I have set a win-win-win goal to support 20 or more people over the next 90 days through my Shin Dao sessions and ISGI Readings.

The people who resonate with me and my energy and are willing to receive my support win.

I win. (Besides feeling great about living on purpose, being supportive to others in this way will help meet another goal I set – to acquire some funds to attend the Klemmer Advanced Leadership Seminar in Texas in January.)

The world wins by gaining a conscious leader who has a vision – and a willingness to act on the vision – of a Kinder, more compassionate world.

Will you participate in my win-win-win equation? If you’ve ever considered a session with me this is the perfect time to:

  • let go of old hurts and wounds
  • step into the new year with a fresh start
  •  ward off holiday stress
  • gain guidance for moving ahead.

Intuitive readings and aligning Shin Dao sessions also make beautiful gifts for those you care about.  I can offer beautiful gift certificates for gift giving.

Note: sessions can be in-person or on zoom, so it doesn’t matter where you live, you can still benefit!

Please feel free to call me at 1-403-285-5266 for more information or click the link to visit our “Support from Tina” page where there are testimonials to support my claim that my sessions will help you feel lighter, more peaceful, clearer, calmer, less stressed… and even have less pain.

P.S. I am also open to unexpected invitations to facilitate retreats, classes, workshops, seminars…. know anyone, organizations/companies you could refer me to?

My website shares testimonials to support my claim that I have a lot of offer groups.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to more fully own – and shine – my light! I would be honored to create the space for you to do the same!!

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