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The Greatest Gift of All

Tina shares a readers response

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it’s hard not to notice the hustle and bustle of this season.

Two week ago, Neil’s blog began, “ As the holiday season approaches, it’s an opportune time to delve deeper into the true meaning of Christmas, steering away from the hype and commercialized aspects, and embracing Shin Dao Philosophy’s guiding principles. By infusing mindfulness and introspection into our preparations and pondering the significance of Christmas, we can foster a more profound and authentic celebration.”

In response to this blog, one of our friends who happens to be a subscriber to our Tuesday uplift shared with us:

This Shin Dao practice should be used for everyday life, not just at Christmas. I think starting your day in meditation with oils would help clear the mind and let the mind be free of clutter before diving into the mundane or chaotic mornings of employment, or even help the housebound have a more positive outlook…”

I have to agree. Starting your day in any mindful sort of way (deep breathing/ pausing to notice chirping birds on your way out the door/ expressing gratitude for the gift of another precious day to live…) certainly sets you up to have a better day.

This can be especially helpful at Christmas time, when schedules tend to be busier and bills run higher as people get drawn into commercialism. It’s even more important to be mindful at this time of year to keep stress levels lower.

Neil and I and our circle of friends and family tend to steer away from the ‘buy, buy, buy’ hype of Christmas. I find that when you do that, it’s easier to see the true spirit of Christmas in people; I see more examples of greater kindness, lightness and warmth in people’s hearts at this time of year.

Which leads us into a story this same reader shared about the negative impact commercialism had and the lovely way she handled the situation:

I had a girlfriend who has 2 daughters. They were young little girls when they moved in beside me. At 5, and in kindergarten, the youngest of the two asked me this question “ Why does Santa bring so many presents to other kids, but I only get a few. Am I a bad girl?” I was flummoxed. I reassured her that she was such a very good girl, and sometimes Santa knows when the really, really good kids don’t need as much to know they are loved. It’s the ones who don’t know they are loved that get so many presents instead of hugs and kisses. This little girl gave me the biggest hug ever, and I hugged her and her sister and told them they were surrounded by so much love from their mummy, friends and grandparents and that was the greatest gift anyone could ever ask for. I truly believe that love is the greatest gift to give and receive!”

What a lovely thing to share with this little girl. Love truly is the greatest gift to give and receive!

What examples of the true spirit of Christmas have you seen that you can share with us? Write to us at

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