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The SOLUTION every Professional needs

What will they say when you’re gone?

https://www.facebook.com/tina.thrussell/videos/1564661336903508/    No better way to live the #ShinDao – the Way of the Heart – than to live your life now with the end in mind.

12 December 2017 0
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Tina – Facebook Live – Do you feel On Purpose?

Do you feel on Purpose? Do you love your life? Please help me be on purpose… let me help YOU love YOUR life even more – please accept our complimentary copy of "7 Secrets for Living a more Joyful, Fulfilling life" at https://shindao.com/ – read the guidebook, watch the video and start following the steps…
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19 April 2017 0
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Tina – facebook live – What’s your path?

What's your path? Appreciation for the Spiritual Warriors' Conversation on Shin Dao Institute between Toni Hegge and Neil Thrussell. ( Visit shindao.com for more conversations, philosophy of the Way of the Heart, and tools to bring more peace, love, joy and fulfillment into your life. ) Posted by Tina Thrussell on Thursday, March 30, 2017

6 April 2017 0
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Tina – Facebook Live- Peace, Love, Joy

If you like this message, please share this blog with others! Peace, love and joy… If you love this message please share. Like our page Shin Dao Institute.:) Posted by Tina Thrussell on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

4 April 2017 0

Wake Up Wild Heart

So excited to be part of Wake Up, Wild Heart Summit! Sign up Here…  Yes, it is freeeee  So please sign up here!

27 March 2017 0

Hot Women Rock

Interview with Neil Thrussell Big fanfare! Today I am talking to my first male guest on Hot Women Rock, Neil Thrussell Neil is the Co-Founder of The Shin Dao Institute. We talked about lots of P's; Passion, Purpose, Patience, Play, Percolate, Positivity. Can you spot any more? Posted by Hot Women Rock on Tuesday, March…
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21 March 2017 0