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Turning and Facing Into The Wind

This past weekend I helped staff a mens weekend for an international men’s group I belong to, The Mankind Project. The weekend event is called the New Warriors Training Adventure, NWTA for short.

I became part of this organization in November of 2018. My joining the group was a real matter of trust. My friend and fellow facilitator, Rick Martin and I were out for lunch. I asked what he was upto. As we hadn’t seen each other in a while, was living in Red Deer.

He mentioned, he had just staffed a weekend event called the New Warrior Training Adventure. I pretty much looked over at him and said something like, “Would it serve me?” he responded with a simple, “Yes!” When I got home that evening I looked up the date of the next NWTA weekend and signed up! Without even researching anything else regarding the weekend!
Yes, I trusted Rick enough to sign up for a weekend and part with $500 of my hard earned money.

🙂 Are you that trusting? Would you do that? Have you even bought or participated in something sight unseen? Based on a recommendation from a trusted friend?

I digress slightly as my article was not to be solely on trust. Rather it was to be on my experience in getting out of my comfort zone!

When you staff an NWTA retreat no matter where you take your NWTA in the world your experience is similar. Because all NWTA’s follow the same outline.

Now, onto my part.. As a staff man I was was asked if I would like to present parts of the weekend. I of course said yes!

I said yes, not knowing how many speaking/facilitating pieces I would get, and oh Boy! I got quite a few. More than, truthfully I wanted. I love speaking and facilitating. But since my memory issues a while back. I have struggled to be able to memorize and present off a script. Which is exactly what the event required for certain parts of my facilitations. Which made me nervous going into the weekend. A majority of my parts were early on in the weekend! So I was helping set the tone of the weekend!

I did survive and I was told, I did an excellent job! I was and am very proud of myself for facing into my fears, the metaphoric wind and riding out the storms of self-doubt and can I do this?

What have you done lately to face your fears? Would love to know, drop us a line at info @ or (403) 285-5266

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