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What’s Holding You Back?

Last week while we were out at our trailer I overheard a person say, “I could never do that?” Which shocked and surprised me! Why? Because, what the person, “could never do.” Was to the best of my knowledge was not illegal, immoral or really beyond their personal capabilities. Though the fashion police might issue them a ticket. It was nothing horrible. Yes, they didn’t want to do it for fear of judgement from others.

This simple statement brought back thoughts to the parallels of my own life when I didn’t do something because of the perceived fear of “What might people think?” I couldn’t help but smile at the juxtaposition of where I was and to where I am now! I am now at the point in my life of not caring what others think! Which only comes from personal selfgrowth and the wisdom of age.

I also deeply understand that humans (people) by nature are social beings who crave connection. Caring about what others think of us is all part of our innate desire to make connection and feel appreciated. Trouble only arises when we start putting to much value of what others think of us, over what we think, want and desire. If caring what other people think is holding you back, we have some tips to help you care less.

Here’s five tips for not caring what other people think of you:

  1. Identify Your Values
  2. Distance yourself from judgy people
  3. Let it go
  4. Focus on curiosity and gratitude
  5. Keep a brag book!

What are the benefits of not caring?

If you cutback or remove the notion of caring about the opinion of other people may have about you. you might find yourself achieving new levels of success and happiness. Here are some benefits of not caring of the opinion of others about yourself:

  1. Finding your authentic self
  2. Less vulnerable to peer pressure
  3. Spreading kindness
  4. Becoming more confident.

As you go about your day. Spend more time caring more living your values and caring less about the opinion of others!

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