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We are always SO delighted when people respond to the questions we post in our blogs.  We thought we’d share a few we received in response to Neil’s article on June 7th about the attempted theft of the catalytic converter off my car and how we handled the situation emotional and mentally.

First a great list of ways that this person comes back to centre when things happen to knock them off-balance: 

When I get knocked off center from life events I walk in nature, or I drum and sing. I write how I am feeling until I feel calm or bored with what i am writing. I talk to a good friend.

And another great piece of wisdom to hold onto from another reader:

Thank you for bearing your pain which I hold in honest witness. It seems as if the world has innumerable ways of violating us.  I’ve been reflecting lately on the reality that our emotions are intimately related to our ego and our belief systems which are often delusional. This is help me realize the deeper matter of how the soul is never unhappy. Underneath and behind every emotion lies that deep source, the sound of running water that washes away the dust of everyday life. The soul is imperturbable. And it is to that place that I bring my ego and emotions when they are in need of comfort. Thank you for your weekly newsletter. It lands beautifully with me.

Yes, Neil and I both believe that our souls are always calm and joyful… it can be a bit tricky to get back to that place of remembering that at times!

A fascinating question from this reader:

Hi Tina and Neil.

So, the piece of equipment that converts toxic fumes into something more environmentally acceptable has gone missing. Twice.

And so you look for the mental equivalent. That’s a good place to start, generally.  

Enter metaphysics for males, also know as mechanical equivalents. I know, it was Tina’s car, but stay with me. It was a car. 

Electrical issues are easy to understand as a mechanical equivalent. Disconnected from the power source.  So too cracked windshields impairing your vision. Flat tires stopping your journey. Rust. Let’s not go there.

But what is the mechanical equivalent of a missing cat converter?  Let me know what you come up with. 😊

Here is how Tina responded to our reader’s question:

For the record – the catalytic converter was ALMOST stolen twice… never happened. They weren’t successful pulling it off.  That was the good luck.

Maybe the catalytic converter is a filter, much like our liver is a filter of toxic waste in our body… and the metaphysical equivalent is that it is a filter for our toxic words/thoughts???

What do YOU think? What are your answers to these questions?

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