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Tina Shares “I Can!”…

In this issue I have two things to share, both of which come with great gratitude.

First, I want to say thank you for being here and holding space for me.  In the May 24th issue of Heart and Mind Matters I vulnerably shared where I’ve been at, and I committed to replacing all my “I can’t” statements with “I can”.  I am pleased to say I have been quite successful, and the results have been most encouraging!  I’ve made some great progress, not the least of which is asking for a lot of help from practitioners and friends… and graciously receiving their help with deep gratitude.

I re-read the article and laughed when I realized that just like I was a few weeks ago, I am crawling on my hands and knees again to avoid putting weight on my feet. (On May 24th it was because I thought my big toe was broken when Neil fell down the stairs on top of me; this time because of a nasty allergic reaction to something I must’ve barefoot walked on. The soles of BOTH feet are covered in itchy hives, red, swollen and very tender… my knee pads are my best friends right now!)  The difference between May 24th and now is that I was only in partial “oh woe is me!” before I caught myself and shifted my attention.  “I can handle this” became my new mantra.

The second thing I want to share is a thought and a recording from our good friend, Sharon Carne, of Sound Wellness.

Sharon says nourishing your heart sometimes involves putting yourself in a washing machine, wringing out all the remaining nooks and crannies, making space to fill your being with light, love, and nourishment to move forward. I’ve certainly been doing the wringer washer thing in my life…. and was delighted to discover that Sharon’s most recent sound recording is an easy way to wring out some old stuff and replace it with calm, soothing, energy. I enjoyed listening to the recording, “Nourishing your Heart” and Sharon offers the recording along with a detailed description of how it works in her blog Here/.

Like all good things, it takes some time to prepare. Set aside about 29 minutes to let go of some old stuff and nourish your heart by clicking on the red button below. 

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