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On Oct 27th and 28th, starting at 9:30 am each morning and going to 11:00 pm at night on both days, I (Neil) interviewed 45 individual people about what they thought success was. The interviewees were people from various walks of life: a Calgary university student, a martial arts teacher, a dance instructor, authors, numerous international coaches, teachers, and facilitators. The guests were from across the globe: Thailand, Australia, the United States of America, Canada, the UK, Denmark, Sweden, and Estonia.

Each interview began with my question, “What did the younger version of yourself think success was?” and then followed up with, “What does your current version of you think success is?”

It was interesting to hear the differences in the answers between those two questions.

We highly encourage you to catch a couple (or all!) of the interviews, as they are a relatively short 20 minutes in length. Each one is jam-packed with powerful insights into what they thought success was. In each of the interviews, I didn’t provide a definition of what success looks or feels like in any of the interviews, but a common theme or definition emerged in all cases!

I previously had interviewed Dr. John Demartini, and his definition of success resonates with me a lot:

“Success is the relentless incremental improvement toward the fulfillment of an individual’s core values!”   – John DeMartini

Based on the conversations from the above interview panel, success is directly linked to having goals and a clearly defined sense of purpose in alignment with your core values.

What does success look like for you? Do you know? Or are you struggling to figure it out? Do you feel you have a mission or purpose? Are you on purpose, or are you struggling with finding meaning in your life?

I’ve been fascinated by the topic of life purpose for most of my life, and it remains the focus of the coaching I do (which is supported by the philosophies of the Shin Dao). If you are looking for purpose, or looking for a greater sense of direction, feel free to book a complimentary Discovery call with me.    Book Here


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