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The Joys of Living With an Overachiever!

I have been married to the same beautiful soul for 36 years; this July it will be 37 years. For some, that is an unfathomable feat! For Tina and myself, It is just about who we are! It is no surprise between us that we have lasted 36 years. What is surprising is how fast the years have zipped by. It seemed like only yesterday we were saying our “I do’s”.

For those on the mailing list, you may have noticed, we have been quiet for the last couple of weeks. No bi-weekly blog post or Heart and Mind Matters. It was like we just vanished. The truth be told, we sort of did!

Back to the topic title, “The Joys of Living with An Overachiever.” Well, that overachiever would be Tina and with all overachievers, it’s the all-or-nothing work ethic that got Tina into her current health issues. We both missed the warning signals, as we were both having way too much fun and involved in way, way too many things.

The icing on the cake (Tina’s health issues) was our participation in a 5 day (NLP) Nero Linguistic Program Certification class that was hosted out of Australia, which meant because of the time change, we were taking classes from 2 pm in the afternoon until 2 to 3 am for 5 days straight with no breaks for meals…. just quick 3 minute breaks, for the most part. This culminated in Tina finding herself struggling with some health issues. Which is not a great thing for anyone to go through, let alone someone who identifies as the energizer bunny.

The good news is Tina has a fabulous support network (me included in her network) to get her back up and on her feet again. So in the short term, you are going to have to tolerate little ole me as the sole provider for our blog posts!

Tina is currently loving soups as part of her healthy recovery regime. If you want to send her your love, support and your favourite soup recipe you can send it to (note – it’s gotta be dairy-free!)

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