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The Joys of Interactive Learning

February and March are Teacher Convention months, and I was blessed to be accepted as a presenter at several conventions this year. To maximize my time (and to be able to be at more than one convention at a time), I pre-recorded all my sessions… except one. I chose to present a session on “The Benefits and Joy of Forest Bathing and Earthing” LIVE on zoom at the Calgary Support Staff Convention… and it made me sorry that I’d chosen to submit pre-records for the other sessions!

This live session was so much fun! The interaction between me and the participants, as well as between the participants themselves, made the session much richer, and far more interesting. I felt a wonderful sense of connection with those in the zoom room with me, and their excitement and enthusiasm over the benefits of getting outdoors was so fulfilling. In the end, everyone – including me – felt more inspired through our time together.

Being a student in the 16-week Nia Global Wisdom Summit totally supports my observation that interactive experiences can offer much more value than self-study courses. I love getting to know some of the other Nia belt holders around the world and we are learning as much from our sharing as we learn from the material presented!

This was also very true of the NLP certification course that Neil and I just completed last week. We wouldn’t have gained even half of what we took away from this course if we had simply studied the learning modules. The live zoom component was full of laughter and shared insights. As each day passed, I felt more and more excited by the ‘wins’ of the other participants as they shared their insights and learnings.

In the breakout sessions, we got to practice the amazing modalities we were learning, and be observed by the coaches, who made sure we had a good handle on the processes we were working with. This hands-on experience of practicing the Neurolinguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy processes with other participants gave us the opportunity to learn from one another, ask questions, and hone our craft. The coaches could pop in and out of the breakout rooms, observe our progress and provide feedback. All this interaction provided a richer, more fun experience, and gave us the confidence to know we can effectively use these powerful modalities with the people we serve.

All of these personal experiences affirm for me that group learning in an interactive setting offers deeper, richer… and dare I say, more joyful experiences. 

Do you agree? We’d love to have you write to us at or call us at 403-285-5266 and tell us about your interactive learning experiences.

p.s.  Neil and I are absolutely stoked about the power of Time Line Therapy and NLP to transform people’s lives. Stay tuned for upcoming news about the exciting offerings we’ll be making with respect to these super effective modalities… and what these can mean for you!

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