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I was recently met up with a good friend of mine for breakfast. Over the course of breakfast we talked about various conspiracy theories that we’ve heard over the years. There was a bit of one upmanship going on with, “Oh Ya! You think that one is good, how about this one…” Throughout the conversation we both recognized that in all of the potentially wild theories that we talked about there could be a shred of truth in all of them. So, yes there could be aliens in Area 52.

We talked eventually about the current broken financial system, how the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. We discussed various remedy’s, taxing the rich and giving it to the poor and all things in between.

Then my friend posed the question, “What if there was no money and money wasn’t even a thing?” I personally thought it was brilliant question. This question then lead us down the proverbial rabbit hole as the talk of alternate currencies generally do. Which in turn made me realize that currently we don’t have enough robot’s or technology to do the things that nobody wants to do without some form of reward system (which is a fancy word for money). You will only work for your favorite dessert items for so long before you don’t want to clean out another sewer line etc.! Note: Truth is there are a lot of jobs that a large number of people on this planet don’t want to do, which is why fore those that do those jobs they are a offered lot of money to do those tasks.

My friend then brought up the notion of the TV and big screen movie series called “Star Trek.” In the series, there is no concept of money.” Which lead me to think, “What’s are the differences between us in the here and now and those in the utopian world of Star Trek?”

All of this brought me back to the understanding of community. How important community is in our lives, especially after the shut down due to the pandemic. I realized once our basic needs are met, we are then able to focus greater energy on serving the greater community around us! Which is what Star Trek provided, it met everyone’s basic needs first. The allowed each person to share there gifts and talents!

  • It doesn’t take much to make a difference in your community, if you are growing a garden this summer plant a few extra plants and just give a way, share the fruits of your labour.
  • While you are waiting in the drive through, buy the coffee for the person behind you!
  • Spend a few moments of your time and handwrite and mail out a thank you or thinking of you card to a friend that you haven’t talked to in a long while!
  • Take a bag and some gloves with you and go for a walk in your neighbourhood and pick up a litter.

What other easy, simple to implement actions can you do to help your community? Drop us a line at Info @ or call us we would love to know your hints, tips or techniques on helping out the community.

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