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Big Plans, Dreams and Goals

I will freely admit, I am a dreamer. I love to daydream and imagine my future life…

Last year at this time I was dreaming and thoroughly enjoying running. I was just starting to train seriously for the PEI Marathon. It lit up my soul.

Here we are a year later. Fate, or the universe, in my mind, has dealt me a cruel card.

Background story – I started to have lung issues late last August. The issues were serious enough that it almost sidelined my trip to PEI to run the marathon. I was only given medical clearance the Tuesday before the race to run it!

I did manage to complete the race, and I was super proud and very emotional at the end of the race, because it was harder than any of the marathons I had completed before. It was brutal on my body and soul! (Because of my lack of conditioning… I hadn’t been able to train as hard as previous years because of the lung issues.)

Fast forward to January through March of this year. I am still struggling to run, not from a place of lack of desire; but, my lungs are not happy with me. I am dealing with me being out of shape, and learning to understand what serves my lungs the best, as I try to train.

I have had to think outside of what I normally would do and ask myself, “If I can’t run, what is an alternative way for me to get cardio exercise?” This question led me to digging out my mountain bike. The good thing about biking is that there is an opportunity to coast while you are riding. Which lowers the demand on my lungs!

I still go to a 9:00 to 5:00, 5 days a week job, so riding my bike to the office offers me two opportunities to ride – 10 kms each way twice a day! – with the ability to coast a little bit. My plan is to use my bike to help me get into better shape so that I can pick up my running again! Ya!! Me! (I think it is a great plan.)

Glenda and Neil at PEI marathon finish line
My oldest sister, Glenda, who I ran the PEI marathon with wants to do another one. So, body and spirit willing. I have a goal. I haven’t committed to run it yet! But, the idea intrigues me! Hence, why I want to get back into shape!

I turned 60 this year and fitness wise, I feel like I am at crossroads in my life. As a life coach, I have learnt to ask powerful questions. So I am drawn to ask myself the following question, “Is this it? Is this the best you have? Is it downhill from here? Is this your peak of endurance? Do you have one more in you?”

I could choose to let this health issue define me or as in my case I can find a way around it! Work with what I have dealt to me and then keep going, keep pushing, just take one more step!!

In February to help me out in my desire to be a more healthy version of myself, I participated in my running coach and friend, Scott McDermott’s 21 Day Nutrition Reset Program. Which I am still maintaining the principles of it today! I thought Tina and I ate pretty healthy prior to doing the reset, but discovered that even what we thought were some healthy choices turned out to be not so healthy! 🙁 I highly recommend talking to Scott about his program. P.S. I make no commission off of this!

You will notice, within all of these ramblings was my own personal observations of where I was. (Taking an honest look at my life.) Then looking at where I want to be (Goal setting) and then me, taking action towards the necessary steps I need to take to move me towards my goals.

I invite you to do the same. Take a look at where you are at, take a look at where you want to be, set some goals and then determine what actions steps you can take to move you towards your goal.

Amendment to the post…. Over the weekend I bought a new bike!!! So excited!!! Stay tuned for details!

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