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Bad Things Happen To Good People!

For the second time in less that 2 months, Tina’s Honda CRV has been violated. Some nefarious person or persons have tried to remove her catalytic converter. Apparently there is big money in selling catalytic converters for scrap. The catalytic converts can start at $300 all the way up to $3000 (or more) depending on the age and type of vehicle!
Catalytic converters contain three precious metals: platinum, palladium, and rhodium. In a standard catalytic converter, there are approximately 3-7 grams of platinum.

The amount varies based on the manufacturer and model.

A catalytic converter typically has around 13 ounces of tungsten, making up about 90% of its weight and worth around 40$ on the market. The rest includes some copper, lead and nickel – all with lesser amounts exceeding two pounds each.

Platinum accounts for about 0.03% of catalytic converter weight and is worth around 38 $ per gram. At the same time, rhodium is estimated to be worth as much as 625 $ per gram (2021).

The things you learn from our posts is astounding 🙂

So yes, we were annoyed and wrinkled our faces up in frustration. One, because people would actually do this, and two, the cost of getting this fixed, again! Money is a little tight right now because Tina has not been offering healing sessions etc, while she herself is recovering from health issues. So, we are paying close attention to our flow of money!

Generally, Tina and I consider ourselves to be good people and as the above example shows, bad things can still happen to good people. The lesson or the noticing comes around to noticing our thoughts and actions when this happened to us. How did we handle this? Did we throw ourselves onto the ground in despair? Or did we raise our fist to the air and scream, “Why us?” Was it a feeling of resignation, “oh! Great!” Was it a feeling of, “We can handle this!”

Bad things happen, but it is how your respond to these situations that sets you up for success rather than to spiral down into a pit of gloom and despair. Notice, I used the word respond and not react!

It is when we learn to respond to life and not be reactive to what happens for us, true peace starts to take hold in our life. A deep meaningful peace. When we become less reactive, we build a solid foundation, where it becomes harder and harder to knock us off from our base foundation of calm and centeredness. I am not so egoic to think that I can’t be kicked off my platform, as some of the trials and tribulations that life has offered me indicate, but I know my foundation is solid and I personally have become less reactive. Allowing a deep sense of calm to carry me forward with my life.

One of the tools Tina uses way more than me is sound. But we both use it, a lot. I use it as writing tool, while Tina uses it as a healing tool.

When life has knocked you about what are some of the tools that you use to get back to center? We would love to know. Email us at or call us at 403-285-5266.

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