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Best Before Date

Question: In your mind, would it have a positive or negative effect on the state of your mental health if you knew your had a best before date right out of the womb?

For many, I recognize that knowing your end date would have definite negative effects on your overall mental health. But a little part of me also thinks, hopes and prays that knowing your end date could also be used as a positive by inspiring you to get off the couch and live your best life by adding a sense of urgency to your life!

(For the record I hold no judgement as to what your “Best Life” looks like, other than it doesn’t include spending a great deal of time on the couch.)

If you read last week’s edition you may remember that I wrote about playing a game and imagining you contracted a life limiting disease and you had only three months to live. The topics the last couple weeks are intended not to worry you, but to inspire you to think about truly living in the moment, since we don’t know when our time on this planet will be done.

My hope, dream and desire is for you to take proactive steps and truly live your life. Live your life with a profound positive sense of urgency. I encourage you to see the gift in life and the beauty in every moment – the moment of now!

  • Be Grateful For What You Have Now.
  • Notice Your Surroundings.
  • Focus on One Thing at a Time (Don’t Multitask).
  • Accept Things As They Are (Not How You Want Them to Be).
  • Spend Time With People Who Make You Feel Happy and Fulfilled.
  • Be Mindful of Everything You Do.
  • Practice Mindfulness Meditation.
  • Practice Deep Breathing Exercises.
  • Listen to Uplifting Programs.
  • Live Outside of Your Comfort Zone (Try New Things).
  • Love Freely, Love Deeply. (one of the 12 Shin Dao tenets)

Would love to know your thoughts on ways to live more in the moment. Contact us at or call us at 403-285-5266. We would love to know what you think!

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