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The Gifts of Friendship, Healing & Acts of Kindness

I had a really uplifting phone call last week with my good friend, Katie *.

“Tina, I’d like to share with you what happened after our healing session…” said Katie.  

Katie has been working as a fabulous healer for over 20 years and has facilitated some really wonderful sessions for me. I was delighted to recently reciprocate with a Shin Dao session for her, and honored when she shared that it had been a meaningful and powerful session. 

Katie said, “I told you at the end of our session that I was leaving your healing room with a sense of expandedness, clarity, and greater centredness. Well, I took that sense of expansion into the hospice later that day…”

(Katie had previously shared with me that she was heading to a hospice after our session because a client had asked her to accompany her to the hospice where her friend (whom we’ll call Sally) was spending her final days. Sally was riddled with cancer and in much pain, and Katie’s client thought maybe Katie could help Sally somehow.)

Katie continued, “After the session with you, the session I did with Sally felt different; I know what my work feels like, and this felt bigger somehow…  My client shared that she saw a beautiful bright orange light surrounding us as I worked with Sally. The work felt more expanded in some way, and Sally seemed to be in less pain afterward.”

As healers, we always feel blessed to be able to offer some relief, and I felt happy for Katie that this seemed to be the case.  Then I was absolutely wowed when Katie added, “I heard that the day after I worked with Sally her doctor said, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!”  The doctor was able to cut Sally’s pain medication in half and she was much more comfortable and lucid after our session.”

“Oh, Katie! That’s wonderful!”

Katie shared, “What’s even more wonderful is that Sally remained in less pain and was more lucid for several days after….  This shifts my perspective on what healing can mean for someone.  Sally certainly wasn’t cured of cancer, but she her pain was lessened and she was hopefully a little more at peace through what we shared before she passed a few weeks later. Sally’s deepest desire was to spend more quality time with her daughter before she transitioned to the next life, and she was gifted with that.”

“Wow! What a gift!  To enhance or improve someone’s quality of life, especially for someone who is in their final days… that is amazing!”

Then Katie offered me a huge gift by sharing, “Tina, I truly believe that the work you did with me greatly amplified what I was able to do with Sally. Your healing session created a healing space for me that allow me to expand, open and receive even more fully for Sally.  I believe that Spirit brought us together so we could do this work together.”

Katie is a good friend because she knows me.  She said, “I want you to take this in.”  She paused to let what she said sink in and then added, “Sally was granted her final wish of more quality time with her daughter, and you contributed to that.”

I was humbled, awed and grateful… not only that Spirit brought the energy through me to help Katie, but that Katie would take the time to point out that I had unknowingly played a part in fulfilling that wish. 

This is probably the best thing (for me) about this story – hearing that I was given the opportunity to help someone without even meeting them!

And you know, this could be happening to you, too, at any moment of any given day. You could say or do something as small as smile at a stranger, or share a kind word with someone, that brightens their day and leaves them in a space of being kinder to someone else…  Which means you could indirectly help someone you’ve never even met have a better day!  

Take the opportunity to commit Simple Acts of Kindness whenever it’s given to you.  The little things you do can be so powerful. Keep doing them.

Even if you never see the results with your own eyes.

*P.S. I feel Katie is also an embodiment of the Shin Dao – the Way of the Heart. This is why she was a guest on my Living from the Heart Podcast in 2020. Watch our 30 minute video here.

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