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It’s Good to be Loved!

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My reason for writing today is to share my joy with you. We call this email publication the Tuesday Uplift and what can be more uplifting than sharing (and for you, hearing about) how wonderfully blessed I am feeling!?

Three weeks ago today I walked into Renfrew Aquatic and Recreation Centre. I was barely in the door when I heard an excited, “Tina!!”  There was Andy, the Recreation Program Specialist – and my supervisor – with her arms open wide and a huge smile on her face.

“Andy! It’s fantastic to see you!” I enthusiastically replied and rushed in to give her a big hug.  It had been a long 2 ½ years since we’d seen each other. It felt fabulous to be back, and to be so warmly welcomed.

After a short re-orientation, Andy and I stepped into the hall outside our dance studio to the buzz of the excited, smiling students who eagerly awaited our Nia class.  Nine of the 15 people huddled in the hall were returning students from previous classes, happily catching up with each other. It warmed my heart to know I had been part of creating such a tight-knit Nia community whose members were very grateful to be together once again.

There was barely time to hug everyone before we needed to begin our class, but I managed a grateful squeeze for most of them, with a promise to hug anyone I missed after class. Once Andy offered her welcome to everyone, I gathered the students in a circle to introduce themselves. “Tell us your first name and a quick statement about how you’re feeling about being here this morning. I’ll go first,” I said.  “I’m Tina and I taught Nia here at Renfrew for more than 12 years before we were shut down and I am SO excited to be back to share this wonderful blend of dance arts, martial arts and healing arts with this beautiful community! I am SO delighted to see so many of you back in the studio and I warmly welcome everyone who is new to our warm, welcoming group.”

Around the circle we went, everyone sharing their gratitude and delight at being there. It felt like a love-fest! I was honored by how many expressed their appreciation for me, specifically.

We all just soaked up the love and appreciation in the room for a minute before we started dancing.

In between the first and second song, Sharon leaned in and said, “Tina, I hope you can feel all the love and appreciation that’s coming your way from all of us. We are just so grateful that you are back here for us!”

“Oh yes, Sharon, I can feel it!”  And I really could. I felt on top of the world! It’s so good to be loved!

I have a big smile on my face as I think about heading off to our third class this morning. Sharing this memory of the first class has brought up all the wonderful feelings of being loved and blessed once again. Telling you about this has been a wonderful form of celebration, and certainly given me an uplift.

Oh!  And one of the 12 Shin Dao tenets is “Celebrate Life’s Little Joys”! (there’s another blog post on the 10th tenet here, if you care to read a little about our trip to PEI last year!) I hope this celebration has given your Tuesday a little uplift, too.  Let me know… you can write to us at  or call us at 403-285-5266.  And maybe you have a joyful moment you’d like to celebrate by sharing with us!?

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