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We want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to share your comments and thoughts on our recent articles!

The articles entitled Best Before Date or Let’s Play a Game invoked many comments, and we would like to acknowledge that we have received your emails and appreciate your feedback.

(Please insert a whiny male voice as you read this next part.) BUUUTTTTTT!!! Neil, being the delicate flower that he is, would like to point out that many people thanked Tina for those articles but, in fact, it was he who wrote those articles. Neil has been writing most of the articles since March / April of this year while Tina has been recovering from her health issues.

(Insert Neil’s normal voice once again) The absolute great news is that Tina is on the mend and is starting to write more. Which is fantastic news! I am thrilled with her progress! Tina is probably thrilled even more than me, I highly suspect.

It is interesting that Tina and I are both trained as coaches and facilitators; what we have learnt through the years is not to take things personally. Yet, I found my human need to be liked and appreciated rise up as people praised Tina for well-done articles… articles which she didn’t write!

I tell you this not to elicit a response from you but to share my humanness with you. As we all have it, no matter how well trained we (I) perceive ourselves to be, we all have our quirks and foibles.

I believe it is when we recognize our flaws and can embrace and acknowledge them without judgement that is when we experience the most extraordinary gift of growth!

When I saw a bit of petty jealously arise in my body because I didn’t get the praise that I thought was due to me, that was the real gold in the situation – me recognizing that my inner child (boy) didn’t get the accolades he needed and wanted. I could then look at my life and honour the little boy that was hurting, and spend time with the inner child and nurture him so I can be healthy, whole and complete.

We all have inner child wounds that need to be nurtured/healed and acknowledged. Your evolution as a person requires you to spend time with your inner child. To learn to love and appreciate this child so that you can let the adult in you run/operate your life.

Tina here, adding a comment as I edit… this has been a big lesson for me, too, of late… to acknowledge my hurt inner child and honor her so that I can be the adult running the show, rather than my life being run by that hurt little girl inside, screaming for attention.

If you experience this feeling of being hurt and living life from a place of resentment or neediness, feel free to connect with us and perhaps we can help you work through what’s going on for you, too.

You can reach us at 403-285-5266

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