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Joy is Contagious

This past weekend we celebrated my mom’s 80th birthday with not one but TWO surprise birthday parties! She loved seeing so many of the people that she loves gathered together in one room…. especially her three children. We had not all been in the same room for ten years! Needless to say, she was over the moon happy.

No, she wasn’t just happy, she was brimming with joy! And her joy was contagious. Everyone was beaming with joy. Many of the residents in the apartment building where she lives came to me at various stages during the day and evening to say how happy they were for Mickey, “She’s such a wonderful lady. She really deserves this!”

It was so awesome to see the huge grins on everyone’s faces every time Mom turned around, and she shouted, “Ahhh!” with delight at the sight of another friend or relative she hadn’t seen in the first few moments of surprise.

My sister, who came all the way from New Zealand to spend time with Mom for much of the month of April, sent me a photo this morning of Mom holding a cashout voucher for $312.25. Apparently they went to the casino last night. Mom was a winner at the slot machines!

I honestly believe this amazing birthday gift of abundance was a result of the joyful state she is in. As my fellow Spiritual Leadership Team member, Bob Ellwood, describes it, abundance is a feeling. Bob asked us one Sunday, “Have you ever noticed that when you feel really good, (emotionally) amazing, wonderful things come your way!?”

I have to admit, he’s right. That’s why that little exercise of doing a happy dance, followed by the fist bumps and excited declaration, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Something amazingly awesome is happening to me today!” works. It puts you in the high energy, feel good state of abundance.

May you be observant and notice all the good that comes your way when you’re in a good mood… may you feel a swell of abundance in your life by focusing on all the abundance you have…. and see all the joy you spread to others when you are joyful!

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