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Life is Rich and Full

It’s been a little over four weeks since I got back from The Legacy Ranch at Silver Spur, near San Antonio, Texas, but it feels like four months!

I have packed so much into my life since I graduated from the Klemmer & Associates’ week-long Advanced Leadership Seminar on Jan 29th that each day since has felt like a week! I hit the ground running, so to speak, the day after I got home and I’ve been going pretty strong ever since.

Now, not to worry – I practice what I preach. I’ve learned from the past that my obsessive tendency when I’m feeling passionate about things can make me push too hard. Therefore, I start my day with two hours of self-care, so that I maintain a sense of balance in my life. I get out for walks as often as I can during the day, too.

(As an aside, it’s interesting to note how much less sleep I am functioning on.  I used to feel awful if I had less than eight hours of sleep and now I live on 4-6 hours; it seems that passion is fueling me. Sleeping seems like a waste of my day!)

Last week, on my way to Red Deer to facilitate four workshops at the Central Alberta Teachers’ Convention, I got to stop and visit with my friend Anaya for a bit. She asked me how the leadership training went, and I responded with an enthusiastic, “Awesome!”

Then of course, the inevitable question, “What were some of your take-aways?”

Too many take-aways to list at once! I will share a few here, trusting that my sharing will be of value to you. In no particular order:  

  • I gained a renewed sense of commitment and integrity. I am keeping my word – whether it’s a promise or proclamation I made to someone else, or to my self.  This is making me feel like I am trustworthy.
  • In one of the exercises at the training, I chose to declare, ‘I am a surrendered, courageous, and accountable woman.”  Re-stating that every morning seems to have improved my memory! (As an accountable woman, I remember more readily what I’ve told people I will do, and I follow through.)  
  • I let go of trying to be in control of situations. As a surrendered woman,  I trust my Higher Guidance/Intuition and know that by surrendering to Spirit, things will turn out even better than I imagined.
  • As a courageous woman, I’ve taken some bold actions over the last month.
  • I have greater clarity about this stage of my life. I know what I am here to do at this time, and that clarity is making decision-making so much easier!

One of my points of clarity is that I am called to make a bigger, more positive impact in the world. That means I am focusing on working with VIPs – Very Important People, people who have influence in the world, who are in service to others. This includes:

  • Teachers (talk about VIPs! They are influencing the youth of today, who are our future tomorrow! Any information I share with teachers to enhance quality of life will be shared with multitudes of students.)
  • Practitioners (for every practitioner I support to be Tuned up, Turned on and Tapped in, I indirectly reach every one of their clients.)
  • Mothers (moms really need to operate from a place of self-compassion in order to model confidence and kindness for their children)

There is more I could say, but I’ve said enough for today.   If reading this has sparked something you’d like to discuss more deeply, feel free to book a half hour block of my time through my on-line calendar. (Select category ‘connection’ and service ‘Discovery / Follow up Call).

I look forward to chatting with you!

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