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At-One-ment with Love-Beauty

Our blogs have been a bit heady lately, so I feel it’s time to step away from matters of the head and slip into matters of the heart. 

I recently picked up our copy of Michael Bernard Beckwith’s book, “Spiritual Liberation – Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential”. In his first chapter, he talks about the Source of all life being a love-beauty that resides within and all around us. At the end of the chapter, he offers an ’embodiment’ that really spoke to me. The whole piece is rather long, so I pulled out segments to share with you here.

Michael suggests you take a relaxing breath and contemplate this: (You may want to read this a few times; I find every time I read it, it makes a bigger impact.)

“I turn within at this moment, feeling the joy of simply being alive – joy that I can give thanks for something, regardless of what it is. Thank you, divine presence. Thank you, pure Spirit.  I turn within during this moment and feel your presence. I recognize it everywhere. Everywhere I am, you are. I am becoming so unified with your presence that I hear you saying to me, “I am closer than your breathing, nearer than your hands and feet. The very ground you‘re standing on is holy.”

I feel it now, and into this zone of feeling I enter…  knowing that in the feeling tone of this vibration, my life contains all beauty, all love, all wisdom, all peace, all supply, all joy. Life so flows through my entire being without inhibition that the magnetic field within me magnifies the living Spirit in such a way that I ride a tidal wave of its beauty. This is what I’m declaring. This is what I see. This is what I accept. This is what I know. It’s happening now…

Every cell of my body temple now vibrates with a luminosity that comes with having an intimate, at-one-ment with pure Spirit. Health is the order of my day.  Wholeness reigns supreme…

I know that this word I speak is a law of elimination that dissolves anything that previously hindered, blocked, delayed, obstructed or denied the fullness of life from expressing in and through me. This word is a law unto that which has been spoken. It is now the very condition that allows the divine and perfect spiritual idea within me to evolve into full bloom. I see it even as I declare it.  I know it. I walk in trust atmosphere about it. It governs my steps. It lifts me up. It transmutes anything within me that would hinder or block me. I open and am receptive to the inflow of inspiration, expansion of consciousness and revelation of my true nature as an awakened being in this very moment. It is done, and so I let it be.”

May you experience at-One-ment with the Love-beauty that is and you are…

Live the Shin Dao – The Way of the Heart!                       

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