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Freedom through Consciousness

On Sunday, I landed on the word ‘free’ during a random flip through an old copy of the Daily Word, a booklet of positive daily affirmations produced for over 100 years by .  Reading the passage reprinted below brought forth an interesting trail of introspection…  and had me shaking my head at the irony of life!

In 2003, Neil and I incorporated Best U Can B fueled by my passion for awakening people to the concept of Consciousness. On fire with the new-to-me-awareness that our thoughts create our experience, I was excited to share the wealth of knowledge I’d accumulated to make a difference in the world.

That passion and excitement led me down an interesting journey of creating and delivering personal development workshops for a number of years… supporting hundreds of people in their process of waking up and living more consciously to create the lives they want to live. 

Two decades later, the former teacher of consciousness is again the student of consciousness. Over and over, I find myself in multiple ‘classrooms’ that are focusing on the teachings of consciousness, saying, “Oh, yeah! I used to teach that!” 

Of course, these ‘classrooms’ are also teaching me more about the subconscious mind than I was ever aware of before. It’s been illuminating.

Revisiting old concepts, and learning a few new ones, are reminders to never take anything for granted. Knowledge isn’t worth much if it isn’t embodied and practiced.

We each have the power to set ourselves free with knowledge and discipline.

Note: Becoming conscious is one of the four Shin Dao Pillars – Inspire your mind.

The Daily Word passage reads, “I am blessed with the gift of free will. That means I can choose to view a situation as positive or negative. I can choose whether and how to respond to events. With this freedom, I have the power to change my life experience, lovingly supported, guided, and directed by Spirit within.

My freedom also allows me to choose to commune with the presence of the Higher Power within me. I am reminded that no situation, incident, event or personal encounter has power unto itself. It is only what I choose to see.

Today, as I prepare to meet the world, I choose peace. I choose love. I choose abundance. I choose wholeness. I am free to choose.

This day – this now moment – I begin again. I am free!”

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