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One Perspective on Developing Your Body

Todays’ article is one we pulled out of our archives from 2017 written by Patricia L. Atchison (click on her name to visit her website and see the great work she does!). This article was inspired by the Pillar “Develop your Body”.

By Patricia L. Atchison

I was introduced to Nia Dance Fitness several years ago when looking for a new way to stay active and healthy. I took classes with Tina and immersed myself into Nia’s first principle, Joy of Movement, sensing Life Force Energy, moving ‘Your Body’s Way’. This led me down a path of getting to know my body. Who is she, this package of bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, joints, organs, etc., etc. ?

The practice of Nia discusses sensing your body. How could I sense something which I had ignored for too many years to count? If you are like me, the majority of living is done in your head – thinking about every aspect of life and how to deal with it. Our bodies follow along, no matter where we take them, and it isn’t until we feel pain, sickness or declining health that we notice we have a greater partner moving alongside us. If it wasn’t for the health of our bodies, we wouldn’t be enjoying life’s journey at all.

I’ve learned to start listening to my body through dance. It wasn’t easy at first, but now I am more aware of what is going on with it. Have you ever asked your body a question? To me it sounded weird, asking my body – separate from my mind, emotions and spirit – something like: “Hey, how’s it going? How do you feel? What can I do for you?”

However, it’s when I made the choice to acknowledge my body, going deep inside myself through breathing and movement, listening to the voices of my body, that I began to acknowledge my life force.

Recently, I watched a video from the Tamalpa Institute & the Life/Art Process featuring Daria Halprin. She asked the following question: “If your Body could speak… What would it say to you?”

I’d like to think if my body could speak to me, she would now say the following (in no particular order):
~ Thank you for listening to me… (Finally!)
~ Thank you for respecting me.
~ Thank you for providing me with a safe environment to flourish.
~ Thank you for keeping me clean and well-groomed.
~ Thank you for giving me the rest and relaxation I deserve.
~ Thank you for warmth/coolness when needed and perfect clothing for the environment.
~ Thank you for letting me feast on nutritious foods and drink.
~ Thank you for the unlimited supply of daily water.
~ Thank you for exercising my joints, bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons.
~ Thank you for hydrating and pampering my skin.
~ Thank you for the touch of self, loved ones and strangers (hugs are good!)
~ Thank you for the gift of sensual pleasure.
~ Thank you for monitoring my health and taking care of issues that arise.
~ Thank you for being my friend.
~ Thank you for loving me.
~ Thank you for allowing Spirit to soar with me.
~ Thank you for taking me into nature, I love it there.
~ Thank you for your Mind communication.
~ Thank you for sharing your Emotions with me.
~ Thank you for letting me dance through life!

When becoming more aware of your travelling companion in this journey of life, you might ask your companion, “Hey body, what have you got to say to me?” How do you think your body would reply?

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